Part 2-It's My Story & I'm Sticking to It

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    Durham-Exposed & Out in the Open
     Conversations from The Fishing Trip.

    I don't like people knowing all of my 'personal' business. Not only because it could be dangerous for me physically but it could also expose my cover.
    If you don't know what I do in life, think retribution. As a child I was sexually abused by my step father. And not just by him, but by my foster parents and many 'notable' members of the community. As an adult I right wrongs.

    In Shiningbal, Texas where I was reared after my real dad disappeared physical and sexually abuse is as normal as breathing. At twelve years old and with the help of a friend I decided to take action.  In the woods where my step dad introduced me to the painful world of child abuse, I was threatened with imminent death in a never ending pit in the middle of the lake. Guess he didn't realize death goes both ways, lol. Do I regret what I have done? Not at all. It doesn't seem as if anyone else has the guts to give sexual deviants the punishment they deserve.

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