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    I don't know about you, but I'm having an awesome time with LaSuria Kandi Allman and the fabulous people she is getting in the chair. Today she chats with Aqil Davidson and Markell

    Wreckx n Effect

    They grew in Harlem NY, NY. In 1987 they formed the group Wrecks n Effect. Which consisted of 4 members: Aqil, Markell, Brandon Mitchell, and Keith Harris. They were managed by Gene Griffin under Atlantic records. Believing they weren't being promoted properly, they eventually left and went to Motown records. 

    Wrecks n Effect career skyrocketed when their self titled album was released September 1, 1989. It was produced by Teddy Riley and Redhead KingPin. Keith Harris left the group before the album was released. Chart busting singles like "Juicy and New Jack Swing" which reached #1 on the Billboard rap charts.

    Their New Jack sound and swing rocked the charts and took the industry by storm. In 1990 Brandon

    Mitchell was killed in a shooting now they were a duo. They were best known for their multi platinum hit "Rump shaker" which was released in 1992. Their second album "Hard or Smooth" had more success than the first album. 2 million copies were sold, #9 on the Billboard 200. Top R&B/Hip Hop album chart #6. The third album "New Generation" didn't go as well as the other two albums.

    Aqil Davidson has worked closely with Edward Theodore "Teddy" Riley throughout the years. In several of his production and collaboration. He started his own label called Control Records and goes by the name Empra.

    Markell and Teddy are brothers and have worked together for years. Teddy is a Song writer/Producer and is known as the lead singer of "Guy." He is also the Founder and Producer of Grammy winning "Blackstreet" which they reunited in 2014. His originality, swag and love of music has taken him around the world. 
    He has produced and collaborated with some of the best artists in the industry. His music, style and creativeness can not be duplicated. Teddy has produced chart busting music with a New Jack Swing. Under his guidance he has put his groups on the map. Any project that he is involved in turns to platinum.

    In 2014 Wrecks n Effect reunited and change their name to Wreckx n Effect to honor the death of their falling member Brandon Mitchell.

     Look forward to them releasing great music in the near future.
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    1. Ey Wade says:

      I loved these interviews. And those dance moves, they were gettin' it. Glad to see they're making more music. Best of luck.

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