Chat Submission Procedure

    The Author Chat

    So, you're prepared to sit in The Chair. How exciting. I love talking to people. In order to get everything setup I will e-mail you a list of questions, which you answer and return. Answer as casually as you see fit. Pretend we're sitting in your living room. At the end, please provide a brief standard bio written in third person (1 paragraph in length). For this type feature, Include any links you want to run with the piece (website, blog, book, etc.). Attach (DO NOT EMBED) a JPEG headshot picture of you and one of your book cover (file sizes less than 1 megabyte).

    Book Trailer's Can Be Featured

    If your book has a video trailer, I have a page where videos are featured. I require the book's marketing (or cover) blurb. Include a link to YouTube so we can obtain the necessary HTML code. You can see an example HERE.

    If you would also like a review of your book  (there is no promise to have it ready when your interview is posted) please check out my review page to view requirements and to see if you would like your book posted there.

    If you are interested in sitting for a chat, please contact me by using the form on the bottom of the page. I look forward to hearing from you. Email all information to:

    Request Review Copies

    If you’d like to request a copy of any of my novels to review, please contact Ey Wade Please put 'request for review copy' in subject line. I also love working with bloggers and other reviewers!

    You can see all of my books (including previews) through the links on our Web site, Wade-In You can also grab pins @itsmeeywade on