Talking to Myself-All about Beads on a String

    The Voice: Ms. Wade what is your belief when it comes to the significance and separation of race/ethnicity?

    Ms. Wade: My belief ? “I feel that we as Americans are all equal and held together by a common thread. Like a treasured beaded necklace of different colors held together on a string, we are held together by our necessities and our circumstances and our humanity. Every color helps to make the necklace beautiful. We can never be a totally separate entity! Americans of all colors are so integrated that if we hurt one, we hurt all. Just like that necklace of treasured beads, leave one out and the gap is seen. Break the chain and many of us are lost.”

    The Voice: What is your goal in life?
    My goal in life is to touch someone, who will touch someone, who will touch soomeone and make a difference in the world. My goal is to have Beads on a String in every school, to have the history of each race taught on the daily. To have the book in every hand and every mind so the contributions of all races can be learned and celebrated on the daily. When we get to know each other, we will learn to live with each other with respect. History was written in more than Black and White.

    The Voice:Thank you. Please have a seat as we prepare for your interview.

    Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History                                                                                                   

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