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    Thanks for coming. Today I want to welcome a proficient author, Angelia Vernon Menchan. If you visit her Amazon page, your jaws will drop.There are sooo many books that focus their themes on the real side of life, love, disappointment, and succeses.

     Angelia Vernon Menchan is a wife, Mother, Nana, Publisher, Write Or Die Woman...owner of Honorable MENCHAN Media and MaMM Productions.

     This month she a recently released novel and one you can preorder before its April 14th release date. 

    Today, you can enjoy excerpts from both of them.

    “What the hell were you thinking son?” Kent asked.
    “Dad, I wasn’t jumping Jamal in. We had all watched the HBO special, Gang banging in Little Rock and we were acting it out. That bandana is mama’s, she wraps her hair with them. Dad I’m fascinated by gang culture but I’m no thug and I’m not stupid. Mr. Harrison is black but he hates black kids, especially boys. He’s not just tough. He especially hates ‘privileged little niggers’...
    Cina sat up and Kent’s eyes narrowed.
    “Say what?” Kent asked.
    “Yes dad, he calls me and a few of my friends that. To him we are privileged little niggers and he didn’t even ask us anything. He called the police. It wasn’t what he said. I swear.” Kente said, trying to keep his voice from shaking. He had been terrified in the police car and the juvenile facility. All the anger drained from Kent at his son’s words. He knew when Kente was lying and he wasn’t on this.
    “Son, go upstairs. I’ll be up there soon. Kent glanced at Cina and noting her stony face, he said, “We will be up there later. Son, we love you.”
    Kente nodded and raced upstairs. Kent sat down next to Cina but her arms were still crossed and he knew she would smack him too. A small thrill ran through him at how worked up Cina could get.
    “Kent Markham, that’s my son and if the school calls again with that kind of message, I’ll probably go out there. I didn’t think to call you.”
    “I know baby. I might have overreacted.”
    “Might have?! You stormed in there and didn’t acknowledge me; right after that man treated me like a baby mama.” She filled her husband in on Harrison’s words.
    “We need to talk to him tomorrow. I’m going to homeschool Kent this summer and next year. I do the insurance stuff and can do that from home. We can also afford to hire someone.”
    “Homeschool? What do you know about that, Kent, and why you? I’m the one who taught school.”

    Available for preorder: Charlotte Returns
    Charlotte!" Whipping around at the sound of a familiar booming voice, Charlotte was stunned to see a big guy in a wheelchair approaching her. His face was vaguely familiar. The man had nice dark skin, a full face, greying hair and piercing eyes.

    "Charlotte, it's Mark, Mark Steele."

    A range of emotions flickered across Charlotte's face. Mark had been her first love out of college but he wanted marriage and kids and she wanted to act and travel the world. Now twenty years later she was back and sleeping in her childhood bedroom; broke and disillusioned and Marvin had no legs. Her mouth opened in an O. Mark grinned and she saw remnants of the younger man. The huge white toothed grin gave it away.

    "It's okay. I lost my legs ten years ago in an accident but life is good. How are you, you look great."

    Reaching up to brush back her flyaway hair Charlotte knew that at forty two she did look great but that and the twelve dollars in her purse would get her dinner. She was tall, very fit and shapely and her sienna colored skin shone with health but it was all a facade. She had given acting her all, forgoing everything else and her break never came.

    Several months earlier rather than end up homeless she returned home. Her mom had been quite gracious in words and actions but Charlotte knew she was disappointed. They had given her an Ivy League education and she had nothing to show for it but busted dreams.

    "Thanks Mark." Charlotte finally said.

    "Do you have time for lunch? I would love to catch up" There was something almost eager in Mark’s words. Charlotte had no plans. She had just gotten hired by Kelly services as a substitute teacher for fifteen dollars an hour, so why not.

    "Sure..." she said and watched Mark point his wheelchair towards Tapas in the Park, an overpriced bistro with excellent tapas. Tapas she couldn't afford.

    Once they were seated and placed their orders, Mark stared at her as if she were a mirage and would disappear if he blinked.

    "I can't believe it's you. Whenever I saw your mom she would say you were in New York or Paris or somewhere but not much else. How is the acting going?"

    "It isn't. It never really did. I worked here and there but mostly I auditioned and moved around. I got tired and came home. That's the whole story. I'm living with mom and going to sub as a teacher." More than sounding bitter she sounded tired. Her eyes met his almost defiantly.

    "I loved you so much. You were everything to me. I got married but when I lost my legs we broke up. I got a huge settlement because my car was hit by an internationally known company truck. My ex took her portion and left. It's good though. I live well and do some volunteerism. I have several acres outside the city, just me and a few horses." Charlotte's eyes lit up at the mention of horses as Mark knew they would. Charlotte loved horses and riding.

    "That's nice."

    "I have a chestnut Arabian. I named her Char. She's a beauty." Mark said, watching Charlotte.

    Her face transformed at the thought of riding an Arabian. Horses were her second love after acting. "You should come see her. There are six others but she's the prize."

    "Maybe I will. Thanks for lunch but I really need to run. My money has run out on the parking meter. It was great seeing you Mark."

    "Saturday, I'm coming to get you Saturday." Mark said, eagerly.

    "Okay..." Charlotte said, gathering what was left of her food and heading out. Something bloomed in her chest.

    Mark smiled as he wheeled to his specially designed car. He owed Charlotte's mom for telling him exactly where she would be and what time. 
    Fantastic excerpts, riiiight?? So, do yourself a favor and click on her Amazon page. Follow her social networks and  enjoy her posts.

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