It's Not What You Can Do For Us Pt2. 7Gifts From a Ey's YA-D.N.A.

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    Welcome everyone. I'm glad you returned.  Today, we'll move up just a bit in the maturity range and have a chat with the members of the cast from D.N.A.-Nothing Will Ever Be the Same.

    This should be  a very interesting show, I have found that teens are creatures stranger than Syfy.
    As you may know, our main character is Debney Nichole Armstrong. She is a survivor of a extremely dysfunctional family,  who faces major life changing issues after the death of her family, among other things.As we wait for our guest to arrive, let's watch a clip of the novel - for those who don't know what's going on." height="266" width="320">
     Awesome story line,  right? Let's welcome Debney,  Giante' and Nadine, Nadine' s mother, Giante`s mother and last but not least, Debney's uncle, Ben.
    *Audience applauds*

    Okay, everyone have a seat. Its okay Mrs. De Vicari,  Giante` can sit near Debney, I mean , after all he could be the baby's father.

     Mrs. D. paused in her movements of trying to sit on the couch between the couple and shot a look towards the interviewer that would probably freeze water.
    "I don't have a problem with them sitting by each other. Even if I'm sure that child is no way on earth, his."

    "Oh, good. "
     Giante' smiles, directs Debney to a recliner and after helping her to sit, perches on its arm. Leaving the mother to plop beside Nadine and her mother, on the couch.

    Ben, standing at the back of the couch, watched the scene with a small smirk before unbuttoning his jacket and sliding into the last remaining spot. Extending his hand, he introduces himself to the interviewer.

    "We've never met personally, so I want to say, thank you and congrats on a story well told."

    Uhh, thanks, but I'm not..

    "Ey? Right." His sarcasm evident. "I have to tell you, that getup fools no one."
    Everyone chimes in agreement."Remember, we know you from the inside, out"

    Well, uh, if I were Ey, that would mean this segment was bogus and I would be crazy for sitting here talking to myself. So, let's get on with the session. Who wants to start.? Who wants to give the audience an insight on what this book can do for them?

    Ben relaxed on the couch by slouching down a little, resting hands on lap, and placing feet firmly on the floor.
    "Last in the picture and shortest scene. I've even noticed you gave a scene link to everyone's picture except mine. I guess that would ruin my debut, since I was in that one and only piece. Anyway, I have to say, in the beginning I hated the story line, I lost a best friend and then had to sit back and watch his daughter, my goddaughter, makes some of the worst mistakes in her young life. But, as the story went along- I understood and I see what a reader will get from this story. I see what D. N.A. could do for them. 1. D.N. A. provides the adult with the knowledge, it is okay to back up a little and let a young person take care of their life and problems. After all, they are living it second by second. Eventually they realize it all rests on their shoulders and they will have to shuffle and handle the weight of the consequences or fumble and be crushed."

    "Bullcrap!" Mrs. De Vicari tossed the magazine she had been flipping through. " What a load of crap. I thought we were her to let readers know the benefits from reading your novel.
    2.The truth is, readers of D.N.A. will learn to watch over their gullible sons and keep them away from conniving, life wrecking, selfish little girls."

    Whoa, let's set some rules.The interviewer raised her hands to calm the angry cast.No name calling or arguing.
    Who wants to be next?

    Well, it seems as if the adults have decided to start this off, so I'll go next.." Nadine's mother scooted to the edge of the couch and pointed towards the couple on the chair.
    3. What I see readers learning is to have faith in the young, everyone makes mistakes. It is what you do with the mistakes that determine your success or failure.
    What they did, is a testimony to the intelligence and sensitivity of youth.

    "4. I have something to say, it took me a while to see this, but the readers, especially the young, will learn not to turn away from your friends when they are being bullied or going through family drama. I'm so sorry for turning my back on you, girl." Nadine, tears in eyes smiled in Debney's direction.

    5."Don'y worry about it, Deenie. You are and always will be the better side of me.
    You helped me make the best decisions in the book.
    What I believe readers will get from the book is the knowledge, the only way you lose is to give up.
    There are so many mind numbing incidents in the story,
    I almost lost my mind, but I wouldn't change a thing. The story helped me to grow up, taught me to value myself for who I am and who I want to be for the rest of my life."

     Giante` caressing Debney's hair, chuckled. "Oh my God, there are so many things I would change. This girl was put through too much.
    I don't know an adult who has had so many problems. What I learned was the determination of a person determines their future and affects everyone around them. 6. Any reader would be totally entertained after reading D.N.A. 7. Oh, I learned one other thing., people need to stay off those tell-it-all, TV mamma drama shows. All it does is spread your business and make you look like a fool."

    Wow, thank you all. I see the time is up and I want to tell how much I appreciate you being here and sharing the 7 reasons D.N.A. is a perfect choice for readers. Thank you audience for spending time with us, enjoy the trailers, grab some pins, check out the links

    READ MORE INTERVIEWS , here are links for purchase opportunities and the theatrical trailer - simply beautiful and setup . for you to view while  I check to see if our next group is ready.
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