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    This morning  LaSuria Kandi Allman wants to give a shout out to her girl Danielle Craig owner and founder of  London Le'Blanc Live International digital magazine. 

    The hottest international independent magazine on the planet.

    The magazine that features music, movies and   models and the current news in world! Also Available in PRINT!

    Danielle Craig was born in Plainfield NJ. She was a military child an has had the opportunity to travel a lot. She has always been in a part of the fashion and entertainment industry. At the age of thirteen she was rapping and into designing her clothing by the age of fifteen.
    Eight years ago she began designing lingerie for adult entertainers with the hopes to have her own line, eventually. In 2010 experimented in manufacturing cosmetics by hand-developing her ineral eyeshadow "Je t'aime" (I love you in French) which will be available online in the Spring of 2016-KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

    In addition to all of this, in January of 2015 Danielle produced the London Le'Blanc Magazine/London Le'Blanc Live. Offered free online and in print.

    Her goal is to give the Indies a chance to be seen and heard across the globe. Everyone deserves an opportunity to shine, and that's why she created this marketing platform.
    Londo Le'Blanc Mag is dedicated to mixing the majors with the minors and helping people achieve their goals... one dream at a time.

    Thx! A Million
    Ms.Danielle Craig
    London Le'Blanc & Co
    London Le'Blanc Magazine

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    Instagram :

    Also Available in PRINT!PURCHASE 
    Check out the latest issues featuring 

    London Le'Blanc International Magazine and LaSuria Kandi Allman, always working to get that tip

    Kandi Kane Entertainment.
    For booking or Interviews contact Kandi at

    909-264-0878 and lasuria83@gmail.com


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    1. Ey Wade says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, LaSuria. You are keeping us well entertained.

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