Part 3-It's My Story & I'm Sticking to It

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    Penny Brooke
    Conversations from The Fishing Trip

    Okay, listen. I have a few minutes to talk before I have to get off to work. I just want to make a few things clear about the way I'm represented in the book "The Fishing Trip". First of all, I'm not an idiot do-gooder who jumped on the bandwagon of a psycho serial killer. I'm the mother of a young boy and the half sister of a former child sex-abuse victim. Her attacker disappeared, never to be seen in Shiningbal again.

    Second-I'm not a pervert nor am I ashamed of my age. Dressing as a teenager in order to trap pedophiles has its ups and downs.

    And third-I have a job as a social worker. I see a lot of things done to children that no child should have to endure. I just want to make things right. At least in my small town.

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