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    Hi friends, thanks for returning today. I know it's a little late in the afternoon so we'll sit closer to the building. Grab a seat, kick off your shoes and join me in welcoming author Rhonda Ramsey. 

    Rhonda is a new author who enjoys breathing passion and life into each character she creates. Rhonda has completed eleven novels, has four novels near completion and five short stories. She is also a military wife, mother of two and student. Over the course of seven years, Rhonda has diligently researched topics ranging from but not limited to: relationships, addiction, abuse and mental illness. With a passion for people, helping and learning, Rhonda’s zeal
    for inspiring others through writing has also expanded to freelance writing. We have also decided we would pool our need for writing together and write a children’s picture book. I am truly excited about this venture. Don't worry you will hear more about it.

    Rhonda has her own website,, and she enjoys contributing to other websites as well such as: and
     Web Page 
    She hopes to continue in her quest of learning from and inspiring others. Let’s get started.

    Hi, Rhonda let’s start with my favorite question. When did you start writing, and what did you write about?

    I started writing and completing novels in my late teens. I began storytelling in elementary school. I have always been very passionate about what people were thinking, feeling and most of all: our journeys as human beings. I remember being a small child, creating very vivid, stories with my dolls (yes dolls). Everything you could possibly imagine, I spent hours telling the story. There was always a plot, dialogue, trials and tribulations for my “characters.”Believe it or not, even in second grade, I created stories about things that I, as a child, had no idea where this stuff came from. I had empathized and became drawn into giving these “characters” a voice.

    What is the difference in your perception between now and the time you started writing?

    When I started writing, I focused a lot on dialogue. (I still do). Now, I am very focused on my antagonist. I am very focused on what the characters are feeling, and I am also learning new things almost daily about the art of grammar/punctuation.

    Please write a few lines about the books you have published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.

    I have self-published Just Beneath the Surface I and Where were you? Both of my novels deal heavily with hardships, pain and the unhealthy situations life       

     Just Beneath the Surface I is about domestic violence. I wanted to tell this story because  my heart goes out to women who are abused, and deal with criticism from society and their own loved-ones. See Review
    Where Were You?  Is a tale of several troubled characters, whose lives entwine. The main character, Christian, is a young man who feels as though his world has collapsed as the people he needs most always seem to abandon him. See review

    I wrote this novel, because it deals with very real issues: drug abuse, neglect, misunderstanding love and mild sexual abuse. I gave these characters very real voices, real trauma, real fears and very touching stories.

    What are you writing about now and why are you writing this book?

    I am preparing Just Beneath the Surface II, Into the atmosphere: Finding Peace and I Am Special Because I am Ty (children's pic. book).

    I will start with Into the atmosphere: Finding Peace. I am finished writing, editing and will be putting this book into print in August (2012). I wrote Into the Atmosphere: Finding Peace because as a deeply spiritual woman, wife and mother, consistently seeking knowledge, wisdom and success, I often forget about peace. I began to write about the things we forget to release, the things we forget to give to God, the ways we hinder our journeys by carrying things that do not belong to us.

    Just Beneath the Surface II is a novel where new characters confront what has been buried and slowly coming to light. The main character, Landon, is carrying a very heavy secret, and in the book the control he has over himself and others unravels before his eyes. I wrote this book to show the ways we, as human beings, self-destruct by carrying things and burying things when we are not equipped for this; we have to release our burdens and pain.

    Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan?
    This is one of my favorite questions.
    Mine, also. I like reading the writing process of authors.
    The ideas, characters, dialogue and plot literally pop into my head; I can see them so clearly it's almost like a dream. And no, I rarely plot and plan. I start with a point I want to convey, I write about a character who is no different from you or I, and I normally name the book and write the first chapter last. (All of this while working on editing other books, because focusing on one thing at a time has always been a serious struggle for me … blessing and  a curse).
    When I get writer's block, I sit down and write chapter to chapter. I do not always use those ideas, but they help me to get back into my characters' “heads.” I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?
    It's so difficult, isn't it? The only tips I have are joining forums, getting active in twitter (lots of valuable information) and to remain humble and realistic – especially when you are new. Again, I am new, and I am constantly researching and honestly I do not know if the things I do will bring me success – I mostly hope to touch, uplift, entertain and inspire. I figure if success is meant to be, it will be.
    All of the stories sound so interesting. Tell the audience where they can purchase your books?

    My books are available on

    I have a habit of talking (interviewing) to the people in my books.  How do you communicate with your characters? 

    I am enjoying the creativity of “character interviews.” I enjoy communicating with my book characters by giving readers glimpses into their thoughts. This is a really interesting way to connect with both protagonists and antagonists.

    If I were to interview one or two of the characters from your novel what do you thing he/she would say about the role you put him/her in? Do you think they would like the book?

    I would hope my characters liked the book. Awesome question!
    As far as the role of some of my main characters, I believe that they would say that these situations were very raw, and that they (the characters) were very exposed, but found healing through sharing.
    What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing? 
     The hobbies I enjoy are music, deep conversation and anything peaceful. 
     I have also noticed a little girl who is dear to your heart. Eliana has Epilepsy and I admire you and her mom ( for the fight to shed light on the Epilepsy Foundation. If anyone is interested in this worthwhile foundation, you can get more information here :
     To see How they're spreading the word for Epilepsy Awareness in El Paso, go to Eliana's mom's Facebook page.!/TheGaudyGirlExchange

    Thank you for your time, Rhonda,this has been a very lovely day. I hope to see you In The Chair, again.
    Thanks so much for the interview. I really, really enjoyed these questions.
    As a reminder don’t forget to Visit Rhonda on all of her sites.
     Web Page 

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    3 Responses so far.

    1. RH Ramsey says:

      Thanks so much. I really enjoyed these questions. I also really your books, so, its ironic/fun/crazy to be interviewed here on your site. Thanks, again!!

    2. RH Ramsey says:

      Thanks so much. I really enjoyed these questions. I also really your books, so, its ironic/fun/crazy to be interviewed here on your site. Thanks, again!!

    3. Ey Wade says:

      Thank you so much for coming over, Rhonda. I'm really glad you like my books.

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