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    Welcome back. Today the blog and LaSuria Kandi Allman are cooking with Chef Day Bailey in The Hot Seat.

            PEACE and Blessing. I am Day Bailey. Born and raised in Detroit Mi. Worked with my mother , helping her in with her T-Shirt company the PURPLE CLOUD.
    MY first legal business was/is "CHEF DAYS DIVINE WINE AND DINE LLC, recently  adding "THE DAY EXPERIENCE" and "SACRED ME" to my business portfolio. All are my passions in life. My focus at this point is THE DAY EXPERIENCE.

            From the age of 19, I had a passion for the culinary arts, in specific food and wine pairing. I was trained hands on by two chefs. The first was my mentor Executive Chef Dan Lee, whom works for the Llitchs. Taught me gourmet cuisine on many levels! He worked with me for over a year, shortly after I made a friend named Antonio whom studied abroad and had a passion for Italian cuisine. Which became my number one specialty, I also specialize in Mexican, American gourmet cuisine and a little Chinese.

        My first catering gig was a DETROIT pastors 50th anniversary banquet dinner party for 100 people, it went well! I provide private CHEF services. My favorite family so far was a family of 10 in Dearborn Heights. Our contract was 6 months, I would visit their home once a week . Sunday's I cooked  Dinner from scratch and served it, prepped 6 more meals, cooked while they slept, labeled everything, wrote simple directions. The system I developed worked out great for all parties. I still check in on them from time to time.

          I have done work for the DETROIT Eastern Market. I was booked for the big Apple Gala Extravaganza. Where I helped feed 800 people, one of those people was Devon Scillian of channel 4 news. I was able to chat with him briefly, it was an inspiring memory. I have done cooking demonstrations at the Eastern Market as well. I have cooked for a few record labels, Rappers local and international (Trick Trick, Flesh N Bone, Pretty Ricky, John Drama, Selena Jordan, DJ Butter, Dj Assassin, IV Duncan, Sevendaze, Jay Success, Mo Thugs Records, Sloan Bone,50 Cal, Fatt Father, King Gordy, Marvone, Big Herk, Young Herk, Jay O'Neil, Kokane, and more).  

        With things going up and down in my life , the passing of my mother and father made me view life differently. There was a huge void in my life and no balance. I started studying hardcore, reading books, lectures, meditation , repeat. I now study metaphysics, quantum physics, religion, spirituality , culture, history,etymology, the occult, womb wellness, yoga, the Kemetics, the CHAKRA system etc. I have been married almost 3 years to the man of my dreams. We have a REAL HIP HOP LOVE! We have a equal love for HIP hop , consciousness, lyrics, that raw talent. DETROIT can hang with the best of them.!

            My 30th BIRTHDAY party was a HIP HOP food and wine tasting, which was held at a HIP HOP art gallery. 5 E Gallery, tickets were $25 food, wine and sangria was included. Our first event was a hit! We had LIVE performances and some super DOPE acts CLASSIC ARTIST like Loe Louis, Supa EMCEE, Konplict, and some up and COMERS.We had a nice turn out. That was almost two years ago, people still talking about it. 

           Life has changed dramatically in the last year. I have elevated to a higher level of being. I worked
    at Hard Rock Cafe as a server for the past 4 years as a day job, which distracted me from that full upgrade I was longing for. About two months ago my King and I had a sit down. We decided I would put in my two weeks, we would buckle down on spending and I would be able to work on manifesting our golden future. I RECENTLY launched my SACRED ME purpose driven Epsom bath salts product line.

    I now am on a year long journey to fully embrace everything in life I have been missing. I am currently looking for a temporary location to teach my MEDITATION classes , which I will provide classes 3 days a week. I will offer HEART HEALING meditation classes, BLIND FOLDED SINGING BOWL, COUPLES SEX MAGICK MEDITATION CLASSES AND MORE. My husband is working on the launch of FUTURE ANCESTORS a underground HIP hop internet radio show and clothing line. 

    I have landed my first sponsors, SELFISH MAGAZINE! They are one of my biggest supporters and I and thankful and grateful for the love! We are working on getting THE DAY EXPERIENCE fully afloat. Will be doing a few fund raisers to get funding to open our doors to a business location. THE DAY EXPERIENCE will be a spiritual store in a loft. We will offering meditation classes, isolation tank floats, HIP HOP Events, work shops, tarot readings, our clothing line, bath salts, crystals, incense, oil , and more. I am raw vegan for the year to elevate myself and others to the highest vibration possible, for myself and others. Soon I will and be launching THE DAY EXPERIENCE YouTube channel, stay tuned! NAMASTE !

    What City and State did you grow up in?
     Detroit Michigan
    What is it like growing up in Detroit?
    Tell me some things about yourself?
     Laid back, earthy
    When did you know that cooking was your niche?
    When I was 17
    What was the first thing you cooked professionally?
    Pastor 50th Anniversary 100 people
     What inspired you to be come an Chef and Entrepreneur?
     My Mom.
     What is your favorite dish that you make?
     Lasagna, I also make seafood lasagna
    How would you categorize your style of cooking?
    Italian is my specialty
    Do you make your own recipes?
    Are there any celebrity chefs that you would to work with?
     Rachel Ray
    Tell us about the radio show you and your husband are launching this year?
     Podcast Internet
    I know you also have beauty and bath items tells us about that?
     Sacred Me
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
    Someone helping someone
    What are your plans for future?
     The Day Brand
    What keeps you motivated, what drives you?
     My family, Definitely My Mother strongest woman I know.
    If you could change your profession what would it be?
     I already did it
    If you could speak directly to the youth of today, About obtaining a good education what would you say?
     Look for more, look for more overstanding and innerstanding.
    What social media sites are you on?
    The Day Experience fb, Twitter
     Married, children
     Yes, yes
    What is your favorite food?
     What are your hobbies?
     Hip hop
    Kandi.  Zodiac?
    Taurus, Aries
    I would like to thank you for this powerful interview I look forward to future interviews with you.

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    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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