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    Heeeey, welcome back. In the Hotseat is another author, and from Houston- no less. Let's join LaSuria Kandi Allman as she chats with  author Devante D. Andre. Be sure to take a few minutes to give a shout out in the comments.
    DeVante’ D. Andre’ was born and raised in a traditional Christian household in Houston Texas, and was raised as an only child by his mother who was an accountant. He has always been family oriented because they were the only ones there as he chased his dreams. He attended Robert E. Lee high school where he tried to make the most of his time by participating in many extra curriculum activities. But his love for reading and writing was often seen throughout his youth.

    He later enrolled at DeVry, where by day he studied business, by night he hustled, not only packages at a UPS hub, but packs of crack on the mean streets of Houston, and as he rose up to the ladder of success in management he secretly played the street king, balancing the two and also keeping his parents and friends aloof.

    He knew UPS only afforded him a certain lifestyle and he needed and wanted more. So he resigned, and, now armed with a Bachelor’s in business and a master in the fine art of street pharmacy, he took over the drug trade in many southern cities. Torn between a corporate career and the game, he still rose to power, using his business savvy, parlaying millions. He was loved by few, hated by many, hence his power was short lived. 
    Yet, a drug kingpin did not last long on his resume, but a stint in federal prison did last. While in the pen, he slayed his time by writing and honing his craft as the premiere ‘hood tale spinner, writing a novel for each of the thirteen years he spent inside the concrete jungle.

    DeVante’ D. Andre’ turned his life around from a negative to a positive and channeled his stories from the streets through his writing. He is an extraordinary novelist, who has spent many years in and around the criminal environment, and has lived many of the graphic exploits he writes about, expressing unfeigned feelings as only he can, breathing life into the pages of his ghetto ‘hood tales. He’s taking the book industry by the pages-literally! Today he is the proud owner of H.O.T Books, which is an acronym for Helping Others Through Books, and is Houston’s own Street-Lit King.

     What city and state did you grow up in?
    Houston, Texas
    What was it like growing up in Houston?
    City of Hope
    Tell me some things about yourself?
    Crazy B, I was out of control
    Tell me about some of your work you have written?
    All in the game, Got it bad
    Do you have a website where your work can be viewed and purchased?
    What is the title of your first book? and what was it about?
    All for money (sequel)
     How many books have you written?
    13 books
    What inspired you to become an author/writer?
     I was a educated street hustler
    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you?
    Fb, Twitter, Instagram, you can goggle me. I am all over the place.
    What community programs are you involved in?
    Volunteer of America. I want to speak to children in schools and be a motivational speaker.
    If you could speak directly to youth today about education what would you say?
     Get a education
    What advice do you give to young men suffering from police brutality?
    Don't provoke them, its a right way and wrong way to speak. You must take ownership of your own actions.
    Are there any survival tactics or a book, a journal that you suggest that they read?
     Any Means Necessary
    Tell me about your latest work?
    Got It Bad, Superstar singer meets a thug.
    Where do your ideas for your work come from?
    True life experiences
    What keeps you motivated?
    I came from the concrete jungle. I served time in Federal prison 13 years. I wrote 13 books for every year I was incarcerated.
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    I have a 10 year course of action.
    Do you have political thoughts or dreams?
    Are there any challenges you have faced and overcame?
    Married? Children?
    Yes, 2
    Favorite food?
    Chicken, I don't eat beef or pork
    Work, I love what I do
    Is there anything you would like to say before we end the show?
    Thank you
    I would like to thank you for this powerful and informative interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much success on all your endeavors.

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