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    Hey all, This is Ey Wade, Thank you for coming. Do you have your glass slippers because this is going to 'be' one exciting interview. The ladies from latest novel, Tripping Prince Charming, have come over to spend sometime.

    If you don't remember, This is a novel production of a romance between three couples. Once you leave the party, go on over to their blog, meet their guys and get to know them all, better. Before the ladies arrive, I'd love to show the advertisement for the novel.  The novel is on sale right now as a bundle of love with two other awesome love stories.

      *Ey claps her hands and gushes at end of video.* "Too cute, huh? Okay, I'm being told the ladies are here - let's welcome them.
    Ivy Gardiner *A Thorn in Her Pocket Has her prince in her sights. How can she change the mindset of her friends

    Carmella Candi *The Cooking Class* Sometimes the recipe for love needs added ingredients.

    Lillie-Rose McIntyre* In All the Right Places* Running away from love, but bumping into it everywhere she turns.

    Hi ladies, let's have a seat. Any where you choose- How are you all this morning?" "Oh, excited." "Marvelous " "So far, so good.Thanks for inviting us." Lillie-Rose reached across the table; to shake Ey's hand. "I've been wanting to step out and meet you for a long time. The head trip had gotten a bit ridiculous."
     "I know, right." Ivy scooted backwards in her chair and crossed her legs. "I didn't think you would ever get it right. There I was on the roll with my matchmaking skills and you couldn't get the format right."
     "That wasn't the problem, " Ey denied. "You girls kept changing things. What about you, Carmella, what did you think? Was it me, as the author or you girls as strong minded women, who made the coming of life so slow?"

    Carmella raised her teacup and took a small sip. "I think it was Ivy." She laughed and replaced the delicate China to its saucer and avoided the playful swing from Ivy. "I actually loved every single thing about the book and the time it took to publish. I learned a lot about myself."
     Ey~"If you had to experience it all again, Lillie-Rose, would you?"
     Lillie- Rose~ "I believe I would."
    Ey~ "I've read some outstanding reviews, do you mind if I share a bit?" Taking note of each woman's nod of agreement, Ey raised the slip of paper from the table in front of her and began to read. "This one is delicious. ...

    There is a difference between being fated and being star crossed, being blessed and cursed. Yet t sometimes its very difficult to tell and extremely difficult to convince a skeptic that fairy talesYetn come true even if you have to walk trough the fires of hell to convince them. This is a most unusual book and I don't know how to classify it. It is a romance, yes. In fact is it three of them. On one level. On another, its a bit like a musical (think fiddle on the roof. Oh yes, quite literally think that...) It reads like a screen play complete with a musical sound track and wonderful sets and locations. The back story to the entire thing could be a novel in itself, and toward the end it comes to center stage and rescues the entire effort. Another book by Ey Wade that is different from any other I have read, including her own. Its daring, often humorous, at times just a bit heart breaking, and highly original. There is a palette of flavors both sweet and at times bitter'."
     Carmella~ "Wow, that is nice. Good job, Ey."
    Ey~ "Thanks to you all. I know you girls are busy making the rounds to promote Tripping Prince Charming, so I'll ask you one more question, when it comes to romance and true love, what is your opinion? Carmella, you first."

    "Hmmm, that's a little hard. Depends on what mindset you come from. I would say take your time."
    Lillie-Rose~ "Me too. Don't let anyone push or rush you into anything."

    Ey~ "I would say, follow your heart ... and your best friend's advice." The laughter from the ladies and audience filled the studio.

    "On that note," Ey chuckled one last time. "I'll say, thank you ladies for coming, and I hope to see you again soon. Everyone else, don't forget to go over to the blog and look around."
    Thanks again for. joining our little chat.

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