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    Thank you readers for returning to IN THE CHAIR-today our special guest is debut author, Robin Leigh Morgan. She is Retired, Married. No children, but is loved by two cats. She is sitting here anxious to tell us about her  novel, I Kissed a Ghost. Without further ado, let's get started.

    Welcome  Robin, tell us a bit about yourself. When did you start writing, and what did you write about?
    For 11 years from 1995 – 2006 I wrote almost weekly commentary type items for a community newspaper and along the way I started in write a Contemporary romance manuscript. However I never sensed it would be any good, until someone suggested I write for a younger audience, which I did and would up with my debut YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel.  

    What is the difference in your perception between now and the time you started writing? After succeeding in completing my YA manuscript I feel I can for any audience I choose, and have since return to re-reading and writing the yet still untitled romance novel I’d started so long ago.  

    Please write a few lines about the book you’ve published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.
    Yikes, I can’t believe this. I know I’m awake, so I can’t be dreaming. It’s the cupie doll George gave me after we got back to my room. I left on the table next to my bed there. I know it’s the same box because he wrote: “To Mary, From George” on it. My novel is a multi-genre YA romance. George, the ghost who lives in Mary’s house takes her on trips to his past of a hundred years ago where they engaged in numerous activities. On one such trip George had won Mary a cupie doll, which she knew she couldn’t take back with her when she returns to her own time. Mary leaves the doll on a table in what’s her room of a hundred ago. Yet when she’s back in her own time and in her own room she finds it there.
     How did you come up with the title for your book? Selecting a title for a book had been a very challenging experience for me; but after racking my brain over it, I decided to merely summarize the premise for the entire story in as few words as possible until I had something which could be used as the title for my book. Hence, since the story is about a girl [Mary] and her kissing the ghost [George] she had living in her house; the story had to be called, “I Kissed a Ghost.”  

    What are you writing about now and why are you writing this book? As I’ve stated in the above, I’ve return to writing the romance manuscript which I started many years ago, and approaching it anew. The reason I’m writing it is relatively simple, I feel somewhat incomplete not having completed something I once had started out to do, and I now want to fill the void it has created in my life.

     Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan? If you’re asking me whether I’m a plotter or a pantser; I’d probably say a little of both. I make a skeleton of an outline, writing down the basic plot points I’d like to hit as the story unfolded; and as a sculptor starting with a wire base of what they’d like to have, I add material, then took some away, I keep on repeating this process until I have the finished product I had in mind.

     I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?
    That’s the hardest question can be asked to answer. As for myself, I’m also finding it difficult to get people to actually purchase a copy of my book. The main word in marketing a book is EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE. I’ve got two groups on LinkedIn I manage [Authors/Writers Helping Authors/Writers and Young Adult Book Authors] and belong to quite a bit more. I’m on FaceBook, GoodReads and other social sites for the genre(s) my book belongs to. And finally I look for opportunities to get interviewed, to get people to know me a little better as well as learning more about my writings. If anyone does any interviews, I’d love to be interviewed by you.

     Where can the audience purchase your books?
    My book is available on It’s also available on [England & UK] [Germany] [Spain] [France] [Italy]

     I have a habit of talking (interviewing) to the people in my books. How do you communicate with your characters?
     I basically try to put myself into the shoes of each of my characters and write what I feel they should do and say.

     If I were to interview one or two of the characters from your novel what do you thing he/she would say about the role you put him/her in? Do you think they would like the book? If I were Mary I’d probably say I like being able to actually be able to see/talk to a ghost and be able to travel back in time to a much simpler time where all the boys would treat all the girls nicely and with respect, which they don’t do today. I’d love being able to have found one boy who would like me for just being me and not because of the way I look. If I were George, I would be happy having found a girl who wasn’t afraid of me the moment she would first see me, a girl who would enjoy going to the past of a hundred years ago where hours and days would past and only a few minutes in her own time. And lastly I would be happy knowing I’ve found a girl who might finally fulfill a dream I’ve had for a hundred, and who might to it not once but possibly a second time on a specific day and at a specific time.  

    What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing? I love listening to easy listening type music, music from Broadway shows. I also love watching the old classic television program when I was a child. I love Wild Wild West, Hogan Heroes, and of course some of the children’s programs back when everything on television was Black/White.  

    Where can we find you on the internet? You can find me on
    If you'd like to check out some UNEDITED SNIPPETS from the book, just check out the “GHOSTLY WHISPERS” entries on any of these blog sites: or or [this is also my website]

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    1. I enjoyed this interview, especially since I know the author and have bought, read and reviewed his book, giving it five stars. it's an delightful story for pre-teens and teeangers and I highly ecommend it to anyone loving a good paranormal time travel story--with a ghost, no less!!

    2. I enjoyed this interview, especially since I know the author and have bought, read and reviewed this book, giving it five stars. it's an delightful story for pre-teens and teeangers and I highly ecommend it to anyone loving a good paranormal time travel story--with a ghost, no less!!The book also has an exceptionally enticing cover whicjh I feel always draws a potential reader to the book. I'm excited about her next book coming out soon.

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