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    The sting of the soap on the wounds brought home how close she had been to danger in the backseat of Durham’s car and she trembled violently.
    Last night was a nightmare she never wanted to relive. It was the closest she ever came to being raped when dealing with one of the pedophiles. The guy had been a huge, cruel and insensitive man and she didn’t think twice about giving a sigh of relief when his body disappeared in the whirlpool of Clear Lake’s waters. Never before had she had the need to fight off a child rapist like him. Most of the other creeps tried to use a gentle cajoling method to seduce her, believing her to be a child of 15 or 16, but this guy had been a real slum bucket.
    From the time she and Durham met him at the assigned place the creep was all over her. The arranged plan was for Durham to pretend to be her boyfriend and arranger of the meeting. They wove some story about needing money for an emergency road trip or something. They were to get the guy in the car and to the woods as quick as possible, but from the start it went awry.
    Standing in the middle of the small alley settling the arrangements, the guy grabbed onto her hand and refused to let it go, no matter how she tried to get it away. Durham, the extent of his anger growing more apparent from the glint in his eyes and his rigid posture was getting angrier and angrier as each moment passed. Before the monies were handed over she had pretended a feeble attempt at changing her mind and tried to walk away. All a part of the ‘act’ and the guy went a little ballistic and slammed her back against the wall of the building. Her head smacked the bricks so hard it caused tears of pain to her run down her cheeks. For a moment she thought she would pass out. Just as she lifted her knee to give a good crotch jab, Durham hit the guy with a kidney punch and she was released.
    Nursing the pain in his side the freak leaned against the wall and measured Durham’s potential in a fight. There was nothing weak or feeble looking about Durham. From the tight angry grip frozen on his facial features, pass the thick chest, shoulders, and arms stretching the seams of his sweater to the huge hands balled into fists at his side, everything about him shouted deliverance of intense pain.
    “Boy, I should kill you for that.”
    “You can think you could, but you would be deceiving yourself. I’m going to tell you this one time,” Durham moved to press his nose directly into the man’s nose. “This girl here is mine and if you try to hurt her, you will die on the spot. If she doesn’t want to do this the deal is off. No if, ands, or buts. You will have to find your own kid.” He turned to her. He could see she was afraid and having her beat on was not and would never be a part of the plan. “You don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to.”
    “I’m sorry. I promise I won’t hurt you.”
    The cretin stood up straight and offered his hand in apology, not a single sign of sincerity anywhere in his eyes. Penny put her hands in her pocket and looked toward Durham.
    “Girl, you know what we came out here for.” Durham looked straight at her, making sure his steady gaze would not sway her decision. “All I can do is promise I won’t let him hurt you.”
    “Alright, that’s good enough for me.”
    Moving to stand on the other side of Durham and furthest from the guy’s reach, Penny stood until the deal was settled and then moved to get in the car. Durham had already slid under the steering wheel and started the car and she, as was habit got in the back and assumed the guy was to get in the front. But he climbed in the back next to her and slammed the door shut. She was immediately made aware the freak was the violent type of pervert who got his kicks from the brutality of the sexual act he would force on a child. Before she could get her defenses up he threw her on her back and practically had her pants off before the car was shifted into drive.
    Totally engrossed in the fight to protect herself she was unaware of Durham pulling over or getting in the backseat. One minute she was in a struggle for her life and the next she was sucking in the last putrid gusts of breath the creep gasped. Durham, lifting the man's dead weight off of her, pushed him to the floor without saying a word until he was back behind the steering wheel.
    "Listen, Penny. You can stop during this anytime you want. This is far more dangerous for you than it is for me. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
    "I’ll be alright.” Taking a deep breath she wiped the tears from her cheeks as she straightened her clothing. “Do you ever get tired of doing this Durham?" Feeling as if she would break down and cry in torrents, Penny kept her head down and out of his field of vision through the rear view mirror.
    “Hell, you wonder if I get tired. Hell yeah I do, but the laws especially in Shiningbal give me no choice. I can’t sit around and let men like that scum continue to prey on defenseless children and get away with it. I’m sure if a common person were to find out about what I am doing they would be torn between two minds. One side would negate me into the role of a murderer while the other side, the more truthful side, would applaud me for taking a stand and ridding the world of useless and dispensable trash.
    Just think how we’ve just saved the sanity and sanctity of three little children and you’ll be able to make it through the rest of the night. That dead freak next to you has been married three times and in each marriage it has ended the same. He rapes and brutalizes the children. Tortures them mentally and just moves on. All together he has raped seven children entrusted in his care. And those were just the ones put in his path through marriage. There’s no telling how many children he has hurt. This is how he wanted to end his life. He plotted his own destiny and I feel no pity for him. And if I forget my reason for why I continue my mission, I just back up and remember my childhood and a little girl who never had a chance. Men like him make me want to run up and down the street shooting their kind without a second thought. Just imagine him on top of those little children, the bastard."
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