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    Hi, this is Ey Wade. Thank you for stopping by. Today I am excited to welcome Valerie Bowen, author of so many outstanding books. Visit her Amazon Author page. Valerie is an architectural designer by trade but has always had a desire to tell stories.  Each of her books have received many rave reviews  Please join me in welcoming her to IN THE CHAIR.

    Hi, Valerie take a seat.  Glad you could come. Get comfortable, take off your shoes, relax. When did you start writing, and what did you write about?

    I started writing in my head ever since I was young. But actually writing novels was about five years ago. I wrote For the Sake of Amelia- Tormented, which led to two more in the series, but Tormented took me three years to complete.

    Please write a few lines about the books you have published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.
    The Amelia Series

    The Amelia series is about an abused woman trying to overcome her past. Throughout the series the reader watches Amelia go from a terrified woman to becoming a strong individual. She learns not all men are created equal. Being a victim of abuse and seeing many people around me, I felt the need to show people there is always a light at the end of the tunnel…never give up.

    What is the difference in your perception between now and the time you started writing?

    I never thought I would get published after receiving a few rejection letter, now I know I can and I know my novels are good from the reviews I’ve received. Nothing is impossible.
    The Mind of a Madman Series

    Now the second series is far different from the love, drama and suspense of the Amelia series. Mind of a Madman is a story about a psychological killer. In this novel the murderer escapes from prison with the idea he will hide in the forest where no one will find him. As the story progresses so does his disease until he can no longer control his violence. These novels have graphic murder scenes (I was told they weren’t for the faint hearted.) I wrote this series to release the inner hatred of my past. I guess I thought it’d be better to kill in a book rather than in person.

    Exactly. I have a character, Durham from "The Fishing Trip", who satisfies my urge for retribution. Maybe the two can have a conversation. I'll work on that. What are you writing about now and why are you writing this book?

    Right now I’m writing another Thriller titled The Enchanted Oasis. I’m about half done with it but will have to stop during the month of November to write in the national novel writing contest. TI at least hope to come away from November challenge with a workable first draft. That novel is titled Shattered it’s about a mentally abused woman (based on a true story)

    Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan?
    To tell you the truth I wing it. Whatever comes to mind at the time I’m writing goes down on paper. Thankfully I have movies playing in my head when I set myself up to write so the task isn’t difficult.

    I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?
    I promote my novels everywhere and I’m constantly looking for sites that are willing to give a little space to a lowly author. Many bloggers are willing to give interviews and there are various sites such as Goodreads where you can run contests. Sometimes all I do is rely on word of mouth. I have one novel written under a pen name I don’t promote, but that seems to be selling like hotcakes. I think it’s a matter of promoting yourself relentlessly on social network sites. I’m on numerous pages on Facebook and I spam them until the cows come home so to speak. 

    That's funny, one of my favorite things to say. I'm going to have to follow down some of your trails.  Where can the audience purchase your books?

    I just recently placed all my novels (paperbacks and e-books) on Amazon. 

    They are also available on Smashwords (not all novels available)

    Barnes & Noble (not all novels available)

    I have a habit of talking (interviewing) to the people in my books.  How do you communicate with your characters?

    First of all I’d like to know if the people talk back and if they do, do they argue?

    Of course,  they always argue about who will get their story worked on first. My characters have serious conversations and sometimes they have a lot of fun.  Just check through this blog.
    But seriously, if I get stuck, I imagine the characters going through different scenarios, when one takes the ball and runs with it, I know that’s the way the others will follow.

    If I were to interview one or two of the characters from your novel what do you think he/she would say about the role you put him/her in? Do you think they would like the book?

    I would love to interview the Madman. He would tell me there was nothing wrong with him. He’d say if everyone left him alone he wouldn’t have been forced to do the things he’s done. I think he would tell me he hated the role because I made him out to be the bad guy.

    That's really interesting. I really have to get him on the blog. What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing?

    Hobbies? Is there something other than writing people can do? Seriously, I love to take my dog to the park to play ball. She is a very active Siberian Husky and literally gives me a run for my money.

    Big dogs are my favorite. I had an Old English Sheepdog when I was younger, but at the moment we have a Yorkie.
    Well, seems as if our time is up, I want to thank you for your time and stopping over to chat with us here at IN THE CHAIR. It’s been fun and I hope to get a chance to review a couple of your books.

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