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    HI, welcome to In the Chair.  My author Ey was a little intimidated with the character Peter Thomas, from the working novel The Drifter by Valerie Bowen and so I volunteered to interview him for her. 

    I'm Durham from Ey's novel The Fishing Trip. Murder and mayhem doesn't scare me. As a matter of fact, they kinda make my day. Besides, Noah is here and he is a great judge of character. Not to mention a good source of protection. Leans over to rub the head of his huge dog.
    About The Drifter- Peter Thomas was sentenced to fifty years in a maximum security prison for a crime he swore he didn't commit. Eight years after being convicted of bludgeoning a woman to death with a hatchet, he still proclaimed his innocence. Eventually his innocence is proven and he is set free from the prison, but not his anger. 

     Okay, let's welcome Peter Thomas to IN THE CHAIR. Stands to offer his hand to the man entering the room. Peter Thomas looks at the offered hand with a sneer, bypasses and sits in the empty chair. With a lift of one brow and small shake of his head, Durham nonchalantly flops back in his seat. Comforting the growling dog, by rubbing his head.

    So, Peter thanks for stopping by.  I see you're a straight to the point man, let's just get this little chat over with. I haven't had a chance to finish reading about you, but what I have read is...well disturbing. Woo, I am totally pulled in. Rough about you being accused of something you didn't do, but man...what do you like about your situation in your book?
    The greatest thing in the world was the day they told me I was a free man. They finally found evidence that proved my innocence…That was the best day of my life.

    What do you dislike about your situation in your book?

    I hate when people stare at me as if I’m some kind of criminal. Yeah I did time and I have this huge scar running down the length of my face, but that doesn’t mean I should be gawked at all the time. How would you like it if I stared at you because your make-up wasn’t quite right? Wouldn’t like it much would you?

    Holding Noah back by the collar, Durham leans forward and looks Peter straight in the eye. I can handle the gawking. It's just part of the business. Believe me, you would never catch me with my makeup anything but perfect. If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change?

    I’d kill the bastard that set me up that’s what I’d do. Unfortunately things didn’t happen the way I planned them. Sorry about the language but whenever I think about that prison…well it just gets me riled

    Oh, I've noticed your need for a few classes of anger management. Laughing out loud and receiving a slant eyed look from Peter in return, Durham returned to the questioning. Sorry, what would you keep?

    I’d keep the whiskey…not the watered down crap either. Give me a good strong double and I’ll be your friend for life. Ah got any”

    Sorry, I'm not a drinker man. Had to deal with enough of that in my own life. Tends to make people a little violent. Do you have a family? If so, how is your family life?

    No family no friends, keeps things simple. I have no time for gossiping women so I keep to myself…besides no one likes the way I look anyway. Everyone seems to shy away from me when I enter a room…pretty rude Huh?

     Oh, I read more than enough of your story to know, anyone taking the time to look at you has got to have a problem. What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your story?

    They can learn to not accuse fellas like me for crimes they didn’t commit. Hey face it, I have cold black eyes and a damned scar down my face, no one likes the looks of me. I guess it was easier to put my ass away than to have to look at my ugly ass every day. As a matter of fact I’m surprised you’re still sitting here listening to my rambling.

    Like I said before, I have no fear of you. A little put off by your actions, but definitely not afraid. What do you really think about your author? I read the interview my author had with her. Valerie seems pretty nice. Much to nice to have thought of you. You must have really been working on her creative spirits.

    Valerie? Oh she’s nice enough. I mean she didn’t chop my head off or anything. Hell I look at it this way, if things didn’t work out the way they did…damn I could have been sunk deeper than the roots of a redwood. Do you catch my drift?

    Yeah, I do. In the end Ey saved me from my road of self destruction. Well, I can tell by the constant shuffling of your feet and the way you keep looking at the door, you're ready to leave. Stands and offers hand again, this time Peter shakes it. All the while giving Durham one of his serious stare. Blink for God sake man. I'm not one for being caught off guard so you'd do better 'liking' me. Anyway. Thanks for coming. I'll give the audience information on your author.

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