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    THE AUTHOR: We're so glad to see you here! Today is a celebration. A party given by all of the characters from my novels in celebration of the new venture for Debney of the novel D.N.A. - She is to be published by an innovative company, Ink'nBeans Press. So, without further ado, go on in, grab something to eat, take a peek at the novels and enjoy yourself.

    Catrine (The Perfect Solution) placed the last of the wine glasses on the table in preparation for the party. Spinning slowly she smiled at the enormous amount of paraphernalia decorating the room.

    "You girls think you have put up enough?" She directs her question to the women sitting in the room and waves her hand to indicate the balloons, streamers, and odds and ends.

    "There are never enough decorations when it comes to a major life change." Raine (The Women of the Hill) "Am I right, girls?"

    Frankie Duz, also from The Women of the Hill, released a hand full of balloons and watched as they floated to the ceiling and joined the many others. Their colorful strings swinging happily in the small breeze.

    "I agree, especially when Debney will be working with a new bunch of people. Our author, Ey Wade did a great job choosing the publishing company InknBeans. I see great things coming from this venture."

    "Me too. I'm so excited!" Debney, her friends and family from D.N.A. entered the room. "I feel really special to have been chosen as the novel to be published by an outside company. Not because I think Ey is doing a poor job, but because I think this will be an opening for everyone else. I just can't say enough about how happy I am."

    "I'm happy for you, too." Durham from The Fishing Trip, followed by every male from each of Ey's other books, entered the room and sat at the table "To be honest, I wish it were me. Until then, I'll lift my glass and cheer you on, Debney."

    "Thank you, Durham and thanks everyone for coming. After the party, run over and check out the writings by Ey Wade and view the awesome Ink'NBeans website. Let's eat."

     On the night before a planned family vacation, Debney is inexplicably excluded. After a bitter argument with her mother at being barred from family vacations, especially one so close to her eighteenth birthday, Debney arranges a romantic dinner with her long time crush. During the chaos of dinner turned teen party, she learns of the death of her family. Yes, sometimes relationships in families end tragically. People leave; parents die, and lives change. But does it all have to bring out the skeletons in the closet?

    Debney Nichole Armstrong thought she knew everything about her family. She knew her dad worked hard at everything, except building a relationship with his family. She knew her younger brothers were typical little kids, and she knew her mother, for some unknown reason, disliked her first born and only daughter.

    What she really needed to know was did her mother contribute to the ‘accident’? Who is the man repeatedly mentioned in her mother’s journals? Where were the bodies of her ten year old twin brothers, and who is the father of the child she now carries? No matter what the answers are, Debney knows, nothing will ever be the same.

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    1. Unknown says:

      Great party, so much fun!

    2. Ey Wade says:

      Thank you for stopping by, feel free to come back for Mother's Day.

    3. Ey Wade says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Free free to return on Mother's Day. Good fun and give away.

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