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    I'm as proud as any parent with a house full of beautiful, talented children. I want to brag on their abilities and share their accomplishments. Below is a chapter or more of each of my books, wade in and enjoy.

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    What readers are saying about THE FISHING TRIP
    Child Molesters Are Dead Fish In This Thriller,Debra Johnson
    "This was a realistic tale of taking justice in your own hands. What stood out was the characters. I could feel their anger and taste their need for vengence. You hate to sympathize with this varied group of outlaws but you find yourself rooting for them as they take child rapist off the roles of society. Ms. Wade has done her home work on this book. Five stars....a great read at a steal of a price. Highly recommend"
     A Perfect Read !!!!, sjp (uk) -  Ms Wade, has shown the mastery that she truly has in the writing, construction, and execution of this book. It tells of how once you are something, no matter how well you try to mask yourself, the truth will ALWAYS rear its ugly head. The jumping back and forth works perfectly, as does all of the situations Ms Wade has created. I would highly recomend this book as a must read. I was unable to put it down, and felt a part of the story imbedding itself into me. 100% perfect !!!! 

    Brian Springer "Springer13" "A cleverly spun tale of retribution featuring a well-rounded cast of characters. It's clear the author has done extensive research on the subject of child abuse and is truly trying to make a difference with this book. I wish the nefarious nature of the town were explained a bit more but overall there was a nice balance of dialogue and exposition. A solid read, well-written and engaging. "

    “My arms are tired, Durham. I’ve been rowing this boat for the past twenty minutes. My fingers are getting blisters. And if it weren’t so dark you would see I have a huge splinter in my palm. Why is it you always make me do the rowing on these trips?”
    “Stop whining, Penny. Do you want to do my job? Do you think it’s easy to do what I do? Do you think it doesn’t tire me to crack someone’s neck with my bare hands?”
    “I’m sure it does. I don’t know how you do it. Just hearing the sound of a person’s bones breaking makes me shudder and gag. Knowing I am hearing them release their last breath makes me wanna vomit.”
    “That’s how I felt at first, but now I just want to get the job over and collect my pay. You can stop rowing we’re almost there. Pull the oars in and be careful with the poles. I don’t want you to hit this fool on the head.”
    “What difference would it make? He is dead right?”
    “Yeah, but I want no excess marks on the body or blood in the boat. Give me that rope from behind your back so I can tie this tarp around his body.”
    Penny reached behind her and felt for the presence of the rope. Her fingers sliding on the damp wood encountered what she thought was rope, the slimy patches of surface causing doubt and illusions of Water Moccasins to cross her mind. Pumping her bravery she yanked it up, held it far away from her body, and pushed it towards Durham. The heavy weight and wiggle of the object not counteracting her thoughts of clearing the fear from her mind, for all she knew what she held gingerly between her fists was really a snake.
    “Here it is, Durham. Stretch out your hand its right in front of you. Damn it’s dark. I can barely see your hands.”
    “You tryin’ to say I’m too black to see in the night?”
    “No. I know those are gloves you have on. I’m just saying it’s too dark out here tonight. I don’t even know how you know what’s really going on around you. We’ve been on the water three times this week and each time you knew exactly where to stop and it has been dark as all hell.”
    “Experience pays off. I’m a creature of habit.”
    “Sometimes that’s not a good thing, Durham. It could be your downfall.”
    “It will never be mine. Cover your face there’s going to be a big nasty splash when this sloppy fat bastard hits the water.”
    As the water rushed into the air and the odor of rot and death seeped in through her nose and flowed quickly and deeply to the pit of her empty stomach, she gagged. The small indention behind her ears began to burn, bile rose to her throat and she fought hard not to release the contents of her stomach in retaliation.
    “Oh hell….” Retching fruitlessly, Penny pulled the neckline of her shirt to cover her mouth and nose. “You weren’t kidding. That….damn….water….stinks.” Her retching sounds causing a pause between each of the four words. “How many bodies have you fed to the fishes?”
    “Too many to count and if I tell you….well you know the old saying. Hand me the oars. I’ll row back.”
    Penny gripping the edge of the rocking boat tightly looked around at her surroundings. It was nightmarish dark. No stars, eerie clouds moved stealthy across the sky and a sliver of moonlight peered through the thick foliage of the trees surrounding the spot where the body had disappeared. It was damned spooky. If any kind of water monster wanted to jump up and grab them and pull them into the deep blackness, this would be the perfect spot. They would disappear and no one would have any idea where to search for them. She shivered in the cool darkness; they were as much a part of the shadows as death was a part of the waters.
    “Where do you think the bodies go, Durham?” She whispered just in case one of those monsters from her childhood nightmares was more than a figment of her imagination. “I’ve never heard of anyone talking about bodies resurfacing so they must fall pretty deep or something eats them.”
    Durham laughed at the fear showing in the expanse of the white in her eyes. She held her arms crossed tight across her stomach, the rocking of her body having nothing to do with the movement of the water.
    “You’re not afraid of the dark are you Penny?”
    “Hell fuckin’ yeah. Petrified pissless and I’m not ashamed to say it, either.”
    Durham chuckled between the strokes of the oar.
    “Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that. You can stop being afraid. Nothing is going to stick its long slimy arm out of the water and yank you out the boat.”
    “That’s not funny at all Durham.” She looked around and shivered even more. “Now that you’ve read my mind I’m really scared. It makes me wonder if you’ve ever seen anything creepy out here.”
    “Well, if you must know, sometimes when I’m sitting on the porch of that little cabin up there, I look across the water and think I see a specter of a woman or a girl. I’m not sure which it is.”
    “Really?” She didn’t know whether to be excited of afraid. “Where exactly does she be when you see her?”
    “I’m kidding Penny, geeze. I’m probably just seeing the smoke from the cigar I smoke. In a couple of minutes we’ll be close to the shore. And don’t worry about any of those bodies coming up because I know for a fact they fall into a huge cavern and just keep on going. The cavern has a vacuum like suction, things go down and nothing comes up. That’s why I always make you stop rowing at the large cluster of branches jutting out at the curve back there. The current is strong and I don’t want to get sucked in. If there were any stars in the sky I would be able to show you where the safety rope was tied. It’s there in case we ever fall into the water. Remind me to bring a flashlight the next time we come out so I can show you. Talk about a scary adventure falling in the lake and catching the ends of that slimy rope at just the right moment, exhilarating. ”
    “You get a thrill from danger, don’t you?”
    “Yup, I get more of a thrill from getting paid big bucks for dropping sloppy fat bastards in a watery hole.”
    “I think the real thrill for you comes from getting rid of perverts. These guys deserve everything they get.”
    “You know it. This last one wiggled his way into the life and home of a single mom with three little kids. Poor woman really thought he loved her and all he wanted was to get into her bank account and to rape her children.”
    “Sorry bastard.”
    “Sorry dead bastard. I hope he rots in hell.”
    “You know I think it’s a good thing to get child molesters off the street…hell out of the world, but how are you so sure you’re are getting the right people? What if you make a mistake and take the wrong person on a trip?”
    “I don’t worry about it.”

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