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    EY WADE: Hi, thank you so much for coming back and visiting my blog. Today I want to shine a light on a new book with a topic that puts tension in every parents mind. Teens and Sex.

     A friend of mine, Matt Posner  and J.C. Scott have collaborated on an invaluable guide- Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships. The following letter explains the premise. I think it's a great idea.

     Feel free to share all information here and be sure to visit both authors to learn more. about them and their book.

    Dear Ey,

    What a pleasure it is to appear on your blog to talk about Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships. I know you are a person who cares very much about young people, because of your lovingly written and illustrated picture books, and I know you like to write about relationships and conflicts in your novels, so I’m sure you will relate to the material in the book Jess and I have written.

    As a teacher I see young people every day who are going through a variety of troubles. Most are troubles related to love and relationships, but there are serious troubles I see as well:  depression, unintended pregnancies, severe emotional problems. There is not much a teacher can do for kids in these situations, but I have always wished I could do something, and so I’m trying in the way I can, as a writer.

    I conceived Teen Guide as a book that would let me give young readers all the advice that I can’t give to my own students. Teens want to know when they should fall in love, or whether they can feel okay about who they are, or what does and doesn’t happen in a physical encounter, or how to think through tough decisions about their bodies and their connections to others. And yes, there are other books about these subjects, but this one is unusual for a lot of reasons.

    There are two sets of answers to all the questions. There are two authors, one female and one male, each with a distinct view and the ability, when necessary, to address the experience of a particular gender on the issue. Also unusual is the fact that we are from different generations – I am in my early 40s, Jess in her late 20s – so that we sometimes look at things differently for that reason.

    One thing both authors have in common, though, is caring about kids. We give the best advice we can based on our knowledge and experience. Sometimes this advice may be controversial, but a lot of the time it’s just common sense, and it’s spoken directly without being buried in a lot of the jargon and formula and unnecessary elaboration that you will find in the slick volumes that sell for three and four times as much as the price of Teen Guide’s e-book editions.
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    Also for sale at Smashwords, Google books, and in many other venues.


    Matt Posner

    There is also an instructional (clean)video. 'How to Put on a Condom' Please watch at your discretion.: 

    Ey Wade: Audience, wonderful letter don't you think? So, again thanks for taking the time to stop by and please, remember you are welcome here anytime.  Visit Matt on FB   J.C. on FB

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