Should a Child Rapist Stand Trial?

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    THE VOICE: Good, Morning. Here we are with another interview with Durham from The Fishing Trip.  "Should a child rapist stand trial" that is the question I put towards Durham when I was able to get him back In the Chair- the interview didn't go very nice. After his chair tossing profanity rant, which he is very proficient in, was over he sat down and spoke in a calm manner. At least as calm a manner as he could conjure up.

    Should a child rapist stand trial? Hell, no. Not in my opinion and not if I had a say in the matter. I've seen how the justice system works and its not for the victim. At least it wasn't in Shinnigbal. Which is why I took over.

    I'm getting really ticked off. People may not know, but I watch the news. I hear how some people in that town in Cleveland, Texas is blaming an 11 year old little girl for being raped by damned near twenty-six men. I don't care what kind of clothing or make-up she wore she is still a little girl. Those men terrorized, threatened and abused a child. They should be damned glad I'm a figment of someone's imagination or I would be at their door and cutting off the only head they think with.

    Those animals are being cried over by their momma's because they should have checked her id. What the hell! What they should have done was checked their zippers and kept the hell away from that child.  And what's wrong with their momma's? How can they see it as okay to rape a child. Worse how can they see it as okay to get in a line and rape a child for over a three month period? I don't care what anyone says about the child deserving it, they should turn around and look at the little girls in their own lives and see how they would feel in the victim's family's shoes. And then they call in that Quanell X thing to back them up. What kind of representative is he when he stands on the side of rapist? He makes me sick!

    And now I hear of another 11 year old gang raped in a California bathroom after being lured in by an older girl. So is this child going to be blamed too?

    Durham stands and paces the room before abruptly walking out.
    The Voice: Well, folks there you have it. As usual the interview has been cut short. Read the book and learn more from the characters.
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