Part 6- A Christmas Party- It's My Story & I'm Sticking to It

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    The Voice:(the name I use when I'm talking to myself) It came to the mind of our awesome, great author to throw a Christmas party and invite us all. Kind of mind boggling to pull people from so many (and varied lives) books and have them enjoy each others company. The camera guy was set up in the corner and people could speak as they wished. It was outstanding.
    I love the idea of Christmas. The epitome of forgiving, giving, and just enjoying life.

    Durham (The Fishing Trip) as usual hugged a corner of the room and pretty much spent the night scrutinizing everyone. One cool thing was the fact he brought his dog Noah, the kids all loved him. The way the big mutt took over the couch was hilarious. It was just the thing needed to get the children (from his book) out of their depression and to release poor Brhin-Kristoffer (The Perfect Solution) from the fear he still harbored from his kidnapping.

    Hi, Catrine here, sorry to burst in.  I heard my baby's name and had to put in my two cents. Just to let you know, I had a wonderful time. Its been a while since I've been able to relax and enjoy just hanging out. After Brhin's abduction and reuniting with Austin, I've been very busy expanding my security business. I liked meeting Penny Brooke and her family. I must say I was really impressed when she shared the secret of what she and Durham had been doing on those fishing trips. I applaud them. I would have probably done the same. I even enjoyed all of the women from 'the hill' (Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me). They were so funny and sad at the same time. It was a little disheartening to hear about their friend and her children, but very heart warming to know they still lean on each other. I was a little disconcerted though to see the director, Mrs. Wall from the center Brhin used to attend at the party. Sometimes our author is a little sadistic. Couldn't understand why she invited that idiot of a woman....anyway that's all part of the book and as Austin keeps saying, I need to let it go. Any way, the party was fun.

    Yes, it was. Penny know from The Fishing Trip. I was really surprised to see Durham at the party. At first no one knew it was him because he came in as Santa Claus of all people and his dog had reindeer ears pulling  sleigh full of toys. I didn't think he had an imaginative bone in his body. It was strange, everyone was so out of character.

    I think it was the best party. It's good to step out of your bindings sometimes, flip some pages, shake your spine and get to know other people. I hope your Christmas is joyful and you meet a lot of new people. Get to know the characters from Wade-In Publishing and share the spirit.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Guess that covers it.

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    1. eywade says:

      Ah Debra, I can just imagine you hiding out in the kitchen preparing delicious deserts and enjoying the festivities.

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