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    Thanks everyone for returning to meet the characters of The Fishing Trip. Penny Brooke is In the Chair today. Penny as you will learn is an aid to Durham. Her youthful petite appearance is both deceiving to the abusers and an advantage to the job she and Durham performs.

    Hello Penny. Thank you for taking the day off your job to visit today.

    Penny: I didn’t have to take the day off if you remember. There’s been a death and now an investigation in the family for child abuse so I’ve been put on indefinite leave.

    The Author: Oh yeah. That’s right. I heard quite a few people took a hell of a fishing trip the other night. Can’t say I’m really sorry. His death should really shake up your town from what I understand.
    Penny: Can’t say I’m sorry either. My sister is a little upset, but not as upset as she would have been if her life were as fairytale inspired as she thought. You were damned brutal. So, while we’re here alone…
    Penny slide to the edge of her chair, successfully giving the impression of being an excited adolescent….
    Tell me something about Durham. Who is he really? What’s his real name? And what’s wrong with his hands? Who is the person texting him?
    The Author: You know I can’t answer any of those questions. Let’s get back to you. How did you get involved with Durham?
    Penny: Through a friend.
    The Author: Do you want to expound on that?
    Penny: No.
    The Author: I guess we’ll find out in the book. How can you work as a CPS caseworker and then turn around and work with Durham?
    Penny: It’s because I work with the CPS that I can justify my excursions. As a CPS worker I see the results of children as young as infants who have been sexually abused. I am glad to know there is someone who hates it as much as I do and is backing their convictions and righting the wrongs those bastards have committed. 
    The Author: Were you an abused child?
    Penny: No. I'm just a person tired of the growing number of pedophiles coming out of the wood works in America. It's becoming a common occurrences.

    The Author: Being a person of small statute, do you ever feel afraid?
    Penny: Not of the creeps because I’ve really taken all kinds of defense classes, but I do
    have a fear of being caught by the law. I don't want my life exposed to the world. As a matter of fact, if there is one thing I have learned from Durham, it’s to not stay in one spot out of my comfort zone too long. So I'm leaving.  
    She stands, walks across the room ad out the door before the author could think of something to say.

    The Author:  Talking to herself.  Durham has really taught you well. You guys really know how to make an exit.


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