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    In the story Durham considers himself to be an avenger of childhood innocence. He takes pedophiles on excursions and ends their obsessions.

    Our first interview is with Durham the guide for the 'fishing trips'. Durham was once an abused child. He was forced to watch his sister (who later committed suicide at age 8) being abused by his step father. At twelve years old Durham decided to become a 'superhero'.

    Okay, let's get quiet. The interview is about to start.The author is so excited she shimmies around like a teenager meeting her favorite idol.

    The Author: Hi Durham. Do you mind me calling you Durham?

    Watching the author from the corner of his eyes Durham walks around searching the room. Stopping every once in a while to pickup and investigate an item.

    Durham: Naw, go ahead. It’s only my name for the time being. You know how you are with change.Sometimes I don't even know who I am. I look in the mirror and I'm never seeing the person I thought I was.

    The Author: Well you know there's a reason for that. I am so glad to have this chance to talk to you. I admire you so much I just want to stand and applaud.
    She reaches out and grabs his hand as he moves to sit in the heavily brocaded gold chair.

    Durham: Are you sure this room is safe? I can’t afford to get caught because of a little vanity.

    The Author: It’s as safe as we can make it. I had it swept just last night for any type of surveillance equipment.

    Durham: Yeah and I came in last night and found this.
    She catches the bugging device he threw before it hit the floor.

    The Author: Damn, Durham I’m sorry. I know what you’re doing is important. The world would be a better place if everyone stood up protected children from the people who abuse and rape them. I have no idea who would have put that here. I trust my people.

    Durham: And that’s the problem. Society has ingrained in the heads of common society to accept whatever is put in front of them.  We just believe someone else will ‘take care of it’. Well no one does and only the innocent suffer.

    The Author: Yeah, I hate that too. Which is why I have written this book and am working on “The Carjacker” he is as awesome as you are.

    Durham: Yeah. It seems as if you like us rough and tumble guys. You’re stuck on the kind of guy who just jumps right in and fixes the wrong in the world, huh. Why is that? You need a super hero with a cool theme song, right?

    The Author: Ooh, I’m getting the impression you don’t like the song I picked for you. I thought it fit perfectly. Teardrop....Massive Attack. What's the problem?

    Durham: I heard someone say it seemed dorky. They thought I needed something tougher.

    The Author: What do you think?

    Durham: I love the title, the music, the girl's voice is….I say leave it. It always fits my mood at the right time.

    The Author: What made you decide this would be the way you helped children? What made you decide to use something as simple as a fishing trip?

    Durham:  I got the idea from my step-father. The very first trip I planned when I was 10 years old was because of him. I can’t tell you how much I hate the life you wrote for me. My mother disappeared, my little sister killed herself and all because of that bastard my mom married. Did you have to let such a young child commit suicide? She was eight for Christ’s sake.

    The Author: I know. I’m sorry but I had to have you grow up strongly motivated or you wouldn’t be able to handle the requests for redemption.  So, do you know who is texting you to setup the fishing trips? Where is this site you take to perverts?

    Durham: Do you honestly think I would tell you?  If I told you…”

    The Author: You would have to kill me.

    Durham: As a matter of fact, I think I’ve been sitting here too long as it is. Oh, by the way I love the way you had me get rid of that group ‘Six on Top’.  Those bastards deserved to have their world blown away. 
    He stands and walks all the way across the room and opens the door before turning to look back in her direction. 
    And another thing, the bugging device was mine. Put it in the other day, just wanted to know if you would find it. Gotta go.

    The Author: Thanks for coming. We could have at least gone out for a cup of coffee.  

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    2 Responses so far.

    1. WOW WOW WOW. I love this format of yours. For the sake of my own novel I am going to do such an interview with all my characters. What a unique approach to characterazation. You ar somthing else. Jake thanked you in an email for visiting him. Please invite him over to this site or I will.

    2. Ey Wade says:

      You can invite him.
      Thanks, I like this form too. Sometimes I really want to get into the character, but I don't want to tell too much of the story.

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