AUSTIN SANCHEZ-Father/newly informed

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    Sorry folks our interview sessions have been thrown a little off course. Since Brhin’s parents were here with him already, it was decided they would be interviewed while on the premises. Catrine has just taken Brhin out of the room (he was a little upset) and we will continue with our third interviewee Austin Sanchez, the father. He had no idea he was a parent and only learned of the fact when called into the police station. Personally I don’t know how Catrine kept herself from the man. He is gorgeous.

    AUTHOR: Hello Dr. Sanchez. Glad you could be here today.

    Austin: Can’t say I’m too glad to be here. At least you put me in a comfortable chair this time. I must say I didn’t appreciate having to sit in a hard wooden chair in a police station and be questioned as if I were a criminal. Do you know how that made me feel?

    AUTHOR: Not personally, but I thought I did a pretty good job of describing your feelings in the book. All of them. Especially when it came to Catrine.

    Austin: Well, I guess you did. I was pretty damned scared and pissed off.

    AUTHOR: I understand. Tell the readers what you felt when you found out your child was missing.

    Austin: I wanted to kill somebody. If truth be known the first person I wanted to choke the life out of was Catrine…no, maybe you. How could you put us in such a situation? I’m glad you’ve pretty much straightened it out, but you have to have known I loved the girl. I missed a lot out of Brhin’s young life and then to have him given to a stranger? To coin a twitter phrase I have to say WTF? And stop smiling at me like that.

    AUTHOR: I’m sorry I just think you’re so cute when you’re angry. Guess that’s why I put you in the situations. I wanted to know how you would handle yourself under stress.

    Austin: Well, you should know me pretty well by now. Jailhouse interrogation, abducted child, reuniting with the love of my life, thanks for that by the way and then the horror in the McDonald’s. I’m gonna be like Brhin and leave on that note. Just thinking about it brings up too many emotions.
    Austin stands and reaches out to shake the author’s hand but changes his mind.

    Austin: And stop smiling at me like that. I have a woman you know. I don’t cheat around.

    AUTHOR: You know I know that. I wrote the book.

    Author yells to Austin’s back as he leaves the room. She smiles, shuffles the papers in her  lap and waits for Catrine to enter.

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    1. YOU never cease to amaze me. OMG! What a great idea. I love this. I really do. I wish I knew someone to show this to. Like a publisher. What a great idea. I am into it. I'll add it on my blog.

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