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    Dear Readers, thank you for returning.

    Our interview today will be with three year old Brhin-Kristoffer Teddi. Small, but very smart for his age, Brhin is the only child of Catrine Teddi and Austin Sanchez. He had been a student of The Perfect Solution Daycare Center for approximately six months before this unfortunate incident.
    I see Brhin has entered the room accompanied by his parents. Because of his age, we will keep the questioning short and to the point. At the first sign of stress, we will discontinue.

    AUTHOR: Ms. Teddi, Mr. Sanchez thank you for bringing Brhin here today.
    Austin Sanchez: Not a problem. We do have one request before we start.
    AUTHOR: What would that be?
    Austin Sanchez: We would like to have our interview after his. As you know, I’m a surgeon and the day you have appointed won’t work for me.
    Catrine Teddi: And I don’t see a reason to come back when we can get it done today.
    AUTHOR: Okay. We can do that. Now, while I’m questioning Brhin feel free to break in if you feel I’m being too rough. Other than that I would like you to sit in the chairs by the wall.  Alright Brhin, now that we’re alone over here are you ready to tell me what happened today?
    Brhin: Yes. I was sitting in my school and this lady came in the room and the teacher made me go with her.
    AUTHOR: Did you know this lady? Had you seen her before?
    Brhin: I don’t know her. I din’t know her house. She’s not my momma.
    AUTHOR: Was she nice to you?
    Brhin: She had a lot of presents she let me open. She said I could have ‘em. She said I was her little boy. I’m not her little boy am I, Momma?
    Brhin rose to his knees and turned backwards in the chair to face his parents
    Catrine: No, you’re not. Turn around sweetie and finish answering the questions.
    AUTHOR: Put your legs in front of you. Now, did you ever try to get away from her?
    Brhin: Yep. I ran away, but she caught me. I called Momma, but she wasn’t home. I called 911, but the lady took the phone.
    AUTHOR: How did you know how to call 911?
    Brhin: Momma taught me.
    AUTHOR: Where was the lady when you were using the phone?
    Brhin:. She went to the store.  She left me by myself. You not ‘sposed to leave me alone, huh  Momma?
    Catrine: No. Turn. This won’t be much longer.
    AUTHOR: Okay, this is the last question. What happened at the restaurant? We’re you afraid?
    Brhin: Yes. She was mean over there. She was hitting people and shooting….I wanna go home with my Momma.
    AUTHOR: Okay. Don't cry. You’re mommy can take you out for a little while and I’ll just talk to your daddy.
                Catrine removes Brhin from the chair and carries him out of the room.

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