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    Our 4th interviewee is Brhin’s mother. In the novel The Perfect Solution she was at home trying to fight off the symptoms of the flu and no one called to tell her the child was missing.
    Okay, I guess we’ll be getting started in a minute, Catrine is entering the room.
    AUTHOR: Now that you’re seated let’s get this started. How is Brhin?
    Catrine: He’s fine. His dad has him playing with the toys in the waiting room.
    Catrine leans forward, eyes wide and smiling excitedly.
    I have to tell you I loved the ending of the book. I felt empowered. The entire thing made me look like a hero in my baby’s eyes.
    AUTHOR: I’m glad. Sorry I had to put you through that horror in the first place. How did you feel about that?
    Catrine: I was freaked out of my damned mind. How could you come up with such a diabolical theme? Childcare centers are supposed to be a safe place. You made such a point of that when you had my nanny talk me into putting him there. You gave her a lot of good information to share with me.

    AUTHOR: I know. I used my experience in the childcare profession to write this book. After thirty years I’ve learned and seen a lot. I just believe there is not enough or proper supervision in many childcare centers. The façade can be blinding.  What did you think of Mona Boots? She calls you ‘the little redhead’.
    Catrine: I know. She’s a stupid woman. I don’t care what happened in your life as a child it doesn’t make it okay to steal someone else’s child. I hated how you made me feel a little bit of sympathy for her because I wanted to beat her to death and all I could see was the hurt little girl she was and sad woman she had become.
    AUTHOR: I know. I have a tender spot for her too. What about the director and the teacher?

    Catrine: I don’t blame the little teacher too much because she is young and was a substitute, but that director….I hope she loses everything.
    AUTHOR: Talking about losing everything. Doesn’t it feel great to have Austin back in your life?
    Catrine: I was so scared when I saw him standing at the apartment door. He looked as if he wanted to kill me. I’m glad things worked out. Your method was outrageous but in the end I am the happiest woman in the world. So, can I go now? We promised to spend the day doing whatever Brhin wanted and all he wants is to hang out at home. I love the kid. Oh and I read a little of the future in your other manuscript. He grows up beautifully.
    AUTHOR: Thank you. Yes, you can go. I still have someone waiting for me.
    Catrine: Okay. I hope everything works out for you and the book is published and people pay attention to what goes on in the places they put their children. Bye.

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