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    Thank you for returning. Today LaSuria Kandi Allman is here with her guest Smuve Mass Beatz. Before we get into the interview, Let's learn a little more about him.
    SmuveMassBeatz aka The Mucasso ( The Picasso of Music) a New Yorker Born in Southside Brooklyn as a teen traveling many states landing in Lanc Pa. falling into the arms of Hip Hop, he got his first break on stage as a Break dancer.
    Once being well known for his dance skills SmuveMassBeatz stepped up the game and started to emcee showing his lyrical skills on stage performing on many stages. While writing and rapping to industry beats SmuveMassbeatz aka The Mucasso decided enough was enough with searching for beats and decided to become his own producer making some of the best Hip Hop beats that are well known today .
     SmuveMassBeatz met Wu Tang Affiliate Judah Priest of Brooklyn Zu (Zu Bulliez)and became a member of Judah Priests 144,000 Chosen Few and also became a member of Dungeon Mastas Dirty Clanzmen (ODB TRIBUTE GROUP) SmuveMassBeatz is a Producer for Judah Priest and the 144000 Chosen Few also The Dirty Clanzmen as well as having Production credits in Judah Priests Dark Ages album and Dark World album plus the 144000 Chosen Few album Strength and Numbers and other Production credits under his belt with other artists who are Wu Affiliated like Killah Priest, Menace OBEZ, HellRazah, Intell (UGods Son), North Star, Lyfe Force and Afu-Ra who were featured on songs with Judah Priest and East Coast Killah Beez "The Calling" that SmuveMassBeatz Produced just to mention a few. He also Co-Hosts at Freedom or Death Radio with SonjENT and Hosts Dungeon Masta & Wu Tang DJ Cat-X with his station soon at the works and currently building with others .

     SmuveMassbeatz continues to shed his skillz amongst many fans and artists alike including local artists coming up in the game creating them east coast flavor style of Hip Hop everyone in the East Coast grew to love.

    Production Credits (not all listed)
    The G.O.D by Automatik Greatness GGO HellRazah Music.Inc. Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    HHIND with Judah Priest, Tony Atlas, Menace OBEZ, Dirty Clanzmen and More Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Mad Theories by Judah Priest ft. Killah Priest Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Ghetto Gov Militia by Judah Priest ft Hellrazah Music Inc. Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Science by Automatik Greatness GGO Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    East Coast Rock by Firenation ft SmuveMassBeatz Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Femme Fatale by Gang Of Rosez Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Pussy In The Bag Album by Onebody Menace Obez Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    The Calling by East Coast Killa Beez Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Church by DIRTY CLANZMEN Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    My Crazy by Dasunofsam and SmuveMassBeatz ft Firenation & Lady Mixx

    Destined by Rest 100 Zu Bulliez and Karnage A.K.A. Ca$hman (Dirty Clanzmen) Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Click Clack by Eddie Hizpanik Dirty Clanzmen Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Walk In My Shoes by KRose Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Doing it Right by Judah Priest Zu Bulliez Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Rock wit Us by SIXX NYNE Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Imperial Mammoth by Dungeon Masta BK ZU and Eddie Hizpanik DC Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    My Only Hell by Moe Betta Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Jesus is Back by Dirty Clanzmen Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz

    Armageddon by Judah Priest and 144000 Chosen Few Prod. by SmuveMassBeatz


    *Please note: written interviews or shortened from Oral*

    What city and state?
    Brooklyn NY
    What was it like growing up?
    Fast Pace
    What Inspired you to become Producer?
    Listening to Hip hop
    Who are some of the artists you have worked with?
    Judah Priest, Dungeon Master, Hell Razah, Killarney Priest, Menace O B Ez, Rest 100, Karnage
    Have you met an artist that was hard to work with?
    Armageddon  ( Terror Squad)
    What are your goals for the future?
    Be well established
    Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?
    Ghostface Killa, Cappadona
    What motivates and drives you?
    The people I have produce for
    What advice do you give to aspiring artists?
    Keep pushing don't stop be Humble
    Are there any challenges you have faced and overcame in the music industry?
    Yes, Judah Priest throwing work with No Warning. I Get It Done
    If you could change your profession what would you be doing?
    Electrician and at home with my family
    So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you on?
    I'm like Spiderman. I'm all over the place.
    Favorite food
    Pasta, Pizza
    Music, graphics, Barber

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    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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