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    Thank you for returning to In the Hotseat. Today LaSuria  interviews Sean Austin. Before we join them,let's  learn a little more about

    Sean Austin
    Performing artist: Singer, dancer, musician, entertainer
    Sean Austin (born August 2) is an American music recording artist and dancer.

    Early Life
    Sean Austin was born in Pine Bluff, AR.  Austin started his career by studying great performers such as Michael Jackson, James brown and Usher. At the ripe age of four Austin was dancing, singing and playing the drums; he went on to win first place in his school talent shows in early development and he would eventually tour during the summers. Sean was accustomed to consistent rehearsals while on the road.

    Austins talents landed him his first independent recording deal in 2012 with JCM Music group. He was able to learn key elements of the music industry as he decided to really make his mark in the business. Sean had the opportunity to perform and he received accolades from some off the top music executives such as Vincent Hebert, Ciaffa, La Reid, Pharrell and KWL Management group.

    Sean Austin had challenges early on as he was constantly moving from city to city, he adopted a performance style which fuses with these coast to coast influences (from N.J, NY, Cali, Texas etc...); therefore he appeals to the multitudes with his unique adaptability and coastal stage presence. Sean is enriched with a quality musical ear, the years of traveling with live bands such as the late T-Bird, and his natural gift of old school showmanship. He has also worked with some other great artists such as Young Steff, JS and Dricky Grahamto name a few.

    In 2016, Austin collaborated with Grammy winning producer 116 beat breaker on his first single to his sophomore album Heard not seen 2, The bottom which Ft. Grammy winning artist Lecrae and Derrick Minor. Austin co-wrote and sang the hook alongside the amazing recording artist and songwriter JS. Sean is now in the studio working on his long awaited debut.


    *Please note: written interviews or shortened from Oral*

    What city and state were you born in?
    Dallas, Texas  Arkansas
    What was it like growing up in Dallas?
    Tell us a few things about yourself?
    Very chilled
    What Inspired you to become an artist?
    Family, Micheal Jackson, James Brown
    What is the title of your current single?
    How long have you been doing your thing in the industry?
    Since I was 3 or 4 years old.
    Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?
    Kendrick Lamar, Change The RAPPER, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Signs, Wiz Khalifa
    So fans can follow you what social media site are you on?
    Twitter Instagram Facebook
    Do you have any shows, tours, video coming soon?
    STAND UP video,.
    Do you write your own music?
    Yes, I also collaborate with other artist.
    Are there any challenges you have face and over came?
    The music industry was not what it seems.

    Are you interested in starring in Movies?
    Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
    Having a successful household. Touring over seas.
    Have you ever experienced stage fright?
    Yes, the adrenaline.
    What advice do you give to inspiring artists?
    Learn the Business.
    What motivates and drives you?
    My passion for music.
    If you could change your profession what would it be?
    Sports, I'm very gifted.
    Favorite food?
    Instruments, Basketball.

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