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    Heeey, another author in the Hot Seat. Thanks for stopping in. Stay a while and enjoy the chat between LaSuria Kandi Allman and radio personality, poet, author April Crenshaw .
    She has a mission, with a vision and big dreams to follow. God has taken her through many trial and tribulations and she is still standing. From Poetry to Radio and Magazine, she is helping build a platform for artist, authors and poets to network together. April D Crenshaw was born on January 16th. In Syracuse, New York.

    She is Mother of three beautiful children and two grandchildren. She was raised by her mom who worked very hard to provide for her. She began writing at an early age. Her childhood dream was to be an Artist. She use to draw, write a lot and listen to music when she was young. She has always had a great love for all genres of music. Writing and expressing her ink has always been a secret part of her heart. It was not until 2011 she begin to share her gift.

    She had a very good friend come into her life and to tell her she needed to share her gift with the world and stop hiding. This was the moment April decided to take on the poetry world by force. Her poetry name is Queen of Love and one of her mentors named her Sabre Tooth Tigress Legendary Pen. The name Undaunted was given to her by her youngest daughter which has meanings of bold, fearless and courageous. She has had a few mentors along the way push her ink to levels she never thought she would go. She has published three books which are on

    Her first book is called "Inspiring Angels" which is a collection of some of her poetry she began to share. "Facing your Giants" and "Beautiful Women of Color" are her other books. On Soundcloud under Undauntedqueen and Queen of Love Tigress you can listen to her spoken word tracks. On Reverbnation she is under Queen of Love. Youtube Undauntedqueen has videos as well. She recently launched her first spoken word CD "Tigress Unleashed" which is available on bandcamp Currently she is the CEO of Word of Mouthz and Honey Drip Radio Enterprise Corporation. Word of Mouthz is a network of people, groups and businesses coming together to build. Honey Drip Radio is currently located on and
    The number for the show is 760-454-7054 for live shows. There are a variety of shows for talent of every kind from Poetry, R&B to Rap and talk shows. Honey Drip Radio has a website available for visitors to subscribe to our site for updates and much more. Honey Drip Radio and Word of Mouthz currently have magazines that are available on magcloud for sale in print or digital delivery. Contact info 315-308-1174 1. Kandi. 

    What city and state did you grow up in?
      Syracuse, NY
    What was it like growing up in Syracuse?
     It has changed a lot since I grew up. Now its totally different.
     Tell me some things about yourself?
    I am really laid back
    Tell us about Word of Mouthz and Honey Drip radio.
       2012 I started a Facebook group, it grew into a magazine within a month. January 22, 2013 I started my radio show.
    Tell me about some of your work you have written?
    A variety of poetry, inspirational to erotic, I released my first CD last year.
    Do you have a website where your work can be viewed and purchased?
    What is the title of your first book?
    Inspired Angels, Facing Your Giants
     How many books have you written?
     What inspired you to become an author/writer?
     I have always had a love for the art. A friend of mine inbox me. He told me to put my work in a book. I'm shocked that I have gotten into radio, it became fun.
     So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you?
    Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, SoundCloud, Instagram, Reverbnation
    What community programs are you involved in?
    Open mics
     If you could speak directly to youth today about education what would you say?
    Make sure that they stay in school. Stay away from peer pressure and drama
    What advice do you give to young men suffering from police brutality?
    That is a tough subject. They need to find a Mentor. Be aware of where your going and who you are with.
    Are there any survival tactics or a book, a journal that you suggest that they read?
    Inspired Angels
    Tell me about your latest work?
    Facing Your Giants

    Where do your ideas for your work come from?
    Things strike me, I keep my notepad near
     What keeps you motivated?
    Listening to music
     Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    The Network fully taken off, variety, music,authors, and poets, to help others
     Do you have political thoughts or dreams?
    Not really
    Are there any challenges you have faced and overcame?
    Writing and working on better deliverance.
     Do you have any book releases, book signings?
    Setting a event up for May, I will inform you.
      Married? Children?
     No. Three.
    Favorite food?
    Listening to music and drawing
     If you could change your profession what would it be.
     Networker (full time)

    I would like to thank you for this powerful and informative interview. I look forward to future interviews with you. Much success on all your endeavors.

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