LaSuria Kandi Allman interviews Carcello 2, Zion, Rebecca, Burks

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    Today we have special guests to The Hot Seat. A trio of sibling "kid bosses."
    Let's join LaSuria Kandi Allman as she interviews Carcello 2, Zion and Rebecca Burks

    Zion is a 12 year old entrepreneur. She has volunteered for years for the Burks Resource Center. She is in the 7th grade and home schooled, a girl scout, and youth author. She has been working on a cartoon series and helps with the cub scouts occasionally. She is in 4-H, sews, refinishes furniture, and mentors young girls going into puberty. Zion is also a radio host for True Nubia, Sarbur Radio, and WLOU 1350. She has modeled the clothes and jewelry that she's made in the County Fair. She has won multiple ribbons at county and state level for the fair and has participated in two world Taekwondo competitions.  Zion has passed the interview process for NAM (National American Miss) and is soon to a red belt in Taekwondo. Zion is also on the DEMO team, will soon be on the Leadership team, and is on the DELTA team in Taekwondo. She does extensive community work such as cooking and serving food at an all boys school, cooked for people, polished nails at a homeless shelter, read books, donated books, danced, worked with children, collected and gave clothes/shoes/supplies/toys. She has walked for the homeless, walked for child obesity, and sickle cell awareness.  I can not list the activities that she does because there are so many. She makes and sells items and is an awesome writer, radio host, and story teller. She loves people and want to make a positive impact on the world. 

     Rebecca is an 11 year old entrepreneur who is home schooled. She a youth artist who illustrates and animates. Rebecca was born with sensory issues and has overcome many obstacles. She is in the 7th grade and soon to be brown belt in Taekwondo. Rebecca participates with cub scouts and is a girl scout. She also helps with the youth and loves, loves reading. Rebecca loves to design, redesign, and make dolls. She designs clothes and is working on her company brand. She is very innovative and is learning to code. She loves to choreograph dance and writes songs. She sings and loves to dance. Rebecca has written 3 books that will soon be published. She is formatting her new show and cartoon series that will premier on Sarbur Radio and Keeping it Simple w/ Sam. She volunteers, donates and collects food/clothes/supplies/toys. Rebecca cooks and serves food at the all boys school and have polished nails at a homeless shelter. She has played games with children at the homeless shelter and helped for many years changing the lives of others. She is currently working to be on the Leadership Team and is on the DELTA teams and Demo team. They have done demonstrations to raise money for the children's hospital as well. She is a radio host for Sarbur radio, True Nubia, and WLOU 1350. Rebecca sells goods and gets vendor training. I can not list all of the activities and volunteer work that Rebecca does because it's so much. She has won numerous awards and ribbons for her art work and the volunteer work that she does. She wants to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, Zendaya, and Janelle Monae. She is inspired by the people around her and wishes to have her own non profit and wants to encourage everyone to read. 

     CJ is a 10 year old entrepreneur who is home schooled. He is a "master builder" and looking to make movies withing the next year. His first video was a collaboration with his sisters and submitted to President Obama's youth film makers in 2015. He has written two comic books and collaborated with his sisters on "Meet the Magic Hair Crew". He is working on a cartoon shorts show and a comic book series. He loves building with LEGOS and in 2016 he will teach the youth at the boys school how to build LEGOS. He can build sets that are small working models or real life replicas. He is a radio host for Sarbur radio, True Nubia, and WLOU 1350. CJ will soon be a Taekwondo red belt, is on the DELTA team, Demo team, and soon to be on the leadership team. He has undergone vendor training and is an awesome sales person. He has performed demonstrations to raise money for the children's hospital. He has volunteered at the homeless shelter with the younger children, collected food/books/supplies/clothes, read books, and so much more. He loves to cook and is working on a new candy recipe. He wants to become rich and be a philanthropist. CJ wants to become rich so that he can help others. He is working on coding and wants to have an academy for children to learn and have a positive impact on the world. He loves to meditate and do Ho'oponopono. CJ is a cub scout and helps his sisters with girl scouts, he is a 4-H member and has won countless ribbons and awards. With his love of people he strives to one day build a community of people that help people.
      What state did you grow up in?
    Zion.  California

     Tell me a few things about yourself?

    Zion. I am 12 years old. I love to eat pizza, and riding my bike. I like to tumble and play video games, and I enjoy watching my favorite programs on television. I love animals
    Rebecca. I am 11 years old. I like to draw/graphic designs and write books. I like animals and babies. I love my cousins. I am home schooled, I love math.
    Carcello. I am 10 years old. I really like Legos and building things. I have a very creative imagination, I love working on my books and comics. I like cooking, singing, dancing, decorating,  drawing and creating things. I Love classical music.
    What inspired you to become a Kid Boss?
    Zion. My parents
    Rebecca. My parents, writing books, my uncle, my cousins. My father often say that I will become rich.
    Carcello. My parents and my imagination. My mother often told us to become entrepreneurs as children.
    When did you discover that you were talented?
    Zion. At a young age, my mother often told me I was talented. I made my first story when I was 2 years old. I was very theatrical as a baby.
    Rebecca. My mother often told me I was talented also. I really discovered how talented I was. I started reading and writing at 3 years old.
    Carcello. At a young age, I believe 3 years old.
    What projects are you working on?
    Zion. Writing a comic book series, I am working on Blogging and getting Sarbur radio up and running.
    Rebecca. Writing books, comic, working on a clothing line, designing dolls, and a few other secret surprises.
    Carcello. Lego city, inventing something so I can't talk about it right now, but stay tuned. Making a YouTube movie, working on candy recipes, being a radio host and making robots.
     Do you write your own material/graphics?
    Zion. Yes, sometimes I have Rebecca do my graphics. Also my siblings help me with my story board for movies.
    Rebecca. Yes
    Carcello. Yes
    Do you have any books/projects coming up?
    Zion. Yes, I am working on a book. My radio show on Blogtalk. Also I will be selling personal care boxes for young girls transitioning into puberty. I also mentor girls because it is a tough subject to talk about.
    Rebecca. The Magic Hair Crew and we also volunteer alot.
    Carcello. Yes I do.

    Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?

    Zion. Bullying and my height, going under water while swimming.
    Rebecca. Yes, responsibilities,  keeping up with my schedule and chores.
    Carcello. When I mess up on my graphics. I want them to be right.

    What motivates you?

    Zion. Parents,  My Family
    Rebecca. Parents, cousin, Uncle James we are going into business together.
    Carcello. Parents, Family, Uncle James. People that I meet. 

    Rebecca tell me about your book "The Magic Hair Crew" which will be released soon by Kandi Kane Ent.
    Rebecca. Becca Beez is the teacher and she has a cooking school. I do not want to share the entire plot yet. It will be released January 2016 at TheBookPatch.
    What are your career goals for the future?
    Zion. Being a millionaire, owning my own business
    Rebecca. Author, being rich and becoming a philanthropist, build houses, create a non profit organization to encourage children to read.
    Carcello. Becoming rich, candy line, books, make movies, invention, a lab, and owning my own town. I want to be a philanthropist.
    So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on?
    Zion. We are not on social media, but we do have access to our mother accounts. You can follow us on FB "Keeping It Simple with Sam," True Nubia, and YouTube also we are launching our show Sarbur Radio on Blogtalk radio In November.

    Have you received any awards?
    Rebecca. Yes, several

    What do you do in your spare time?
    Zion. I like to create things, cook, sing and listen to music.
    Rebecca. Watch YouTube crafting, songwriting, singing, dancing and choreography.
    Carcello. Legos, video games,

    Carcello, you are a very intelligent young man. What advice do you give to young people who want to start a business?
    Carcello. Keep trying, do your research and use your imagination. Stay positive, talk to adults who can help you. Make a list and do not give up no matter what.
    Zion, What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied?
    Zion. Do not let people walk all over you. Stand up for yourself, always tell an adult. Make sure you tell your close friend. When I was being bullied I told my parents and my teachers. Even when the teachers did not listen my parents did. I was able to get help and results. Another thing never become a bully because you were bullied. You can forgive and not forget what happened to you. Do not let someone else behavior change you.

    What is your favorite food?
    Zion. Chinese, pizza, macaroni and cheese, bulgogi and smoothies.
    Rebecca. Shrimp, fish, tomatoes, hamburgers, smoothie and turkey wraps.
    Carcello. Broccoli, pizza, pretzels, pineapples.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Zion. Rich, graduating, college, writing books, investments, traveling.
    Rebecca. My own brand, rich, making video games, blogging, making Apps and websites and cartoon series.
    Carcello. YouTube channel, a movie, robot, writing books, candy line, merchandise. I will be a master in Taekwondo.
    Do you have any pets? Name?
    Rebecca. Yes, a puppy named Simba and a cat name Chloe. 

     Are there any programs that you are involved in?
    Zion. Girl scouts, 4H, "Keeping Simple with Sam," various community events.
    I would like to thank you all for this very powerful interview. You all are brilliant children, and a inspiration to young people around the world. Much Success in all of your endeavors. God bless
    Burks. Thank you Mrs. Kandice.

    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
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