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    Welcome back to the HOTSEAT, here at In The Chair. Today our guest will be Detroit Film Producer Kenyon Pruitt Jacote Films.  Before we begin. Take a peek at his latest production:

    Kandi. Welcome Kenyon, tell us what city/state did you grow up in?

    Kenyon.   I was born in Long Island, New York.  I grew up and reside in Detroit Michigan

     Kandi.  Tell me a few things about yourself?

    Kenyon.    Ceo of Jacote Films

    Kandi.  What do you specialize in?

    Kenyon.   Movies, Documentaries,  Commercials, Video, Weddings. Whatever your film and graphic needs we specialize in that.
    Kandi.  How long have you been in the film/music industry?.
    Kenyon.   Music 15 years, Film 10 years, 5 years for my business Jacote Film
    Kandi. You have a unique name where did it come from?
    Kenyon.   I have 3 children,  I took the first two letters from each of their names and combined them and made Jacote.
    Kandi.  Who was the first artist you worked with/signed?
    Kenyon.   Worldwide SSP was our group of about 50 of us. V-Lo, AK, Ork, AO, Candy Girl, Baby Doll, Legendary
    Kandi.  What artists are you working with/shows?
    Kenyon.   Big Herk, we have a lot of shows we do together.

    Kandi.  Do you have any projects/movie releases coming up?

    Kenyon.   Releasing a short film, Ten Zero Zero which is almost complete.  Full length movie called Face, we will start production on that in 2016
    Kandi.  Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?
    Kenyon.   Yes, I have dealt with a lot of bull in the music industry. I dropped the label, out of all the people that I had worked with. Two people are still pursuing their music careers.
    Kandi.  You been in the music industry for while what was the strangest or funniest thing you ever heard or saw?
    Kenyon.   The looks that the females give while I am filming them. Two white rappers were arguing calling each other the N word. You could tell that they often used the word.

    Kandi.  What motivates you?

    Kenyon.    Doubters
    Kandi.  Who have you collaborated with?
    Kenyon.    Big Herk, King Gordy, John Drama, Killer Kaunn, AK, Nerve Damage, 4UM, Mandy Baby
    Kandi.  What are your goals in the future?
    Kenyon.   To have my own sound stage in Detroit. When Hollywood comes to my city they will feel at home.
    Kandi.  So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on?
    Kenyon.   Twitter Jacotefilm, Instagram Jacotefilmworks and
    Kandi.  Have you received any awards/recognition for your work?
    Kenyon.   Yes, I have recieved 13 awards. Artist of the year 2010-2009-2011. Mt. Clements Hip Hop Car and Starz. Best new artist 2008. I am The King Of The Burbs
    Kandi.  Are there any film or music producers that you would like to collaborate with?
    Kenyon.    I would like to work with everyone. A lot of minds together different  eyes can capture different visuals. That would be an amazing project.
    Kandi.  Who do you think is the hypest female rapper in the game?
    Kenyon.    Dej Loaf, she is from Detroit, she is hype and ready for the game. Her lyrics are awesome.
    Kandi.  Are you looking for new talent/Scripts? If so how do they contact you?
    Kenyon.   I am always looking for actress, actors, editors, people with good special effects and blending etc. Contact
    Kandi.  I would love to do a face to face interview for my documentary Detroit Producer Series can you make that happen for me?
    Kenyon.   Yes, Let's Make It Happen, My company will do the filming for you.
    Kandi.  I would appreciate that. Thank you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Kenyon.   A very successful Movie Director and Billionaire
    Kandi.  How many movies have you produce/directed?
    Kenyon.   Game Face Bizznezz, Ten Zero Zero
    Kandi.  Are there any community programs that you are involved in?
    Kenyon.   Yes, Every Thanksgiving, Jacote Films partners with Men of Power. We feed the homeless and needy.

     Kandi.  Are you a sports fan? If so who is your favorite team?

    Kenyon.   No I am not a sports fan. I use to play every sport. I can not sit and watch someone else that is rich play. I rather spend my time trying to get rich myself.
    Kandi.  What advice do you give to the young men today who are suffering from injustices, unemployment etc?
    Kenyon.   The ones that are really trying to get the job. Most do not have transportation to go far out in suburbs where all the good jobs are located. At first I did not understand, but now I do.

    Kandi.  What are your views or thoughts on the legalization of Marijuana?

    Kenyon.    I think it should be legal in Michigan and other states. It is better for the economy, cities, customers and everyone wins. Eventually the Government will start selling it in gas stations and party stores across the United States and tax it.
    Kandi.  Are you married? Children?
    Kenyon.   No, I am Divorced I have 3 beautiful children
    Kandi.  What is your zodiac sign?
    Kenyon.    Leo
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