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    Join LaSuria Kandi Allman interviews Amar Divine of Wu World Radio
    Amar is  the type of artist that does not need a BIO, because his music speaks for it self and gives his listeners a clear picture of his life. His music is fully charged with the type of attitude that Amar says "is necessary when you in a jungle full of wild animals". 
    This Jamaica born, Bronx NY raised, now Brooklyn resident, says that he got his style, not from any particular individual in the industry, but from the hip-hop movement as a whole. A dedicated freestyle shogun in his local areas, Amar has been spitting lyrics for over 15 years now, and his experience is evident in his flow. "The hip-hop game has become watered down because it is filled with a bunch of cats that think that by saying the same words as a Platinum selling artist they'll become platinum selling artists as well.... but that's not how it works, people recognize real", say's Amar.
    This view on his music has separated Amar from 90 percent of new artist that are circulating on the air waves today. He remains diligent on the
    choosing of his words and uses his energy to lock the crowd, so that they feel exactly what he is feeling and projecting in his rhymes. Now... Do you now what you get, when you take an artist that can compete with some of your top named rappers today, before he started writing his lyrics on paper; And put him in a studio for about 15 hours out of his day on average, with a pen, a pad, and some dope beats? Well you get the type of music that true Hip-Hop fans all over the world have been asking for.  
    Back in June 2014 Amar Divine teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna for a project called "Hook Off", the first ever hip-hop album with no hooks. This project was a Cappadonna album that featured Amar on 11 out of 17 tracks on the album. Once the 'Hook Off' project was released, the world finally got properly acquainted with the sounds of
    Amar Divine. The Cappadonna & Amar Divine collaboration was such a perfect match up,  they decided to  start a new entertainment company called GLF Ent LLC or "God Love Family Entertainment". This company was founded by Cappadonna and Amar Divine with a purpose of releasing music projects, movies, TV Shows, etc. As the name suggest, they always keep what's most important first in all aspects of the business, which is God, Love & Family...entertainment comes next!!
    Based on the feedback from the first project "Hook Off" there is talks about a "Hook Off 2" in the near future.
    Amar's passion for good hip-hop extends beyond is career as an Emcee. Amar has also helped to launch and is the Executive Officer Of Operations for Wu World Radio, Wu-Tang Management's official  hip-hop radio station that is dedicated to bringing the essence of hip-hop back to its former greatness.  Expect to hear allot of good thing in the months to come from Amar Divine, he's been working hard and now he's ready to show the world the fruits of his labor.

    What city/state did you grow up in?

    Amar.    Jamaica, Bronx, Florida, Atl Brooklyn
    I see you have been all over.
    Amar.   Yes

    Tell me a few things about yourself? 

    Amar.   Artist, Emcee, Owner
    You are apart of Wu radio what is your position?
    Amar.    I run the station and schedule. I am the day to day overseer
    How long have you been in the music industry?
    Amar.  Radio 5 years, realm of things 15 years.
    How long have you worked for Wu radio?
    Amar.    5 years
    Who was the first artist you signed or worked with?
    Amar.   Cappa Donna
    What artists are you working with now ?
    Amar.    Spliff Starr
    Do your artists have any projects/shows/Videos and Album releases coming up?
     Cappa Donna (Black Pilage 2), Spliff Starr

    Are there any challenges that you have dealt with and overcame?

     No outlet to get there music on a Global scale.
    What motivates you?
    God, State of Hip Hop
    Being of apart of Wu Tang management is there any artists that your company would like to collaborate with?
    All the Greats, music is to be shared. Naz, Jada Kiss, KRS, anyone from the Golden era.
    What are your goals with Wu Tang management/ Protect Ya Neck records in the future?
     Technology is going to a new level. Live streaming, Global streaming
     So everyone can follow you, what are all the social media sites you are on?  Fb Amar Divine, Twitter and Instagram
    14. Kandi.  Who do you think is the hypest female rapper in the industry? 
    Amar.  Lauryn Hill, Tink
    15. Kandi.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Amar.   On a island, right now it's grind mode.
    16. Kandi.  Is the Wu looking for new artists? If so how can they contact you?
    Amar.    Yes, email at
    17. Kandi.  What advice do you give to the young men today who are suffering from injustices.
    Amar.   Self empowerment, Knowledge,  exploit yourself. It is the only way to take the chains off.
    18. Kandi.  Are you a Democrat or Republican? and Who will you be voting for?
    Amar.    Independent
    19. Kandi.  Are you married? Children?
    Amar.    I am not married, a bachelor, no children.
    20. Kandi.  What is your zodiac sign?
    Amar.   Virgo

    Interviewer  LaSuria Kandi Allman
    Kandi Kane Ent.
    For booking or Interviews contact me at

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