The Emergence of a Hero. "The Fishing Trip" #thriller

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    When do you cross the line from being the 'hero' to becoming the monster?
    Durham killed his abuser at the age of ten. As an adult and tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children, his fishing excursions are to die for.

    The thin giant of a man proffered his hand to the frightened child sitting in the huge overstuffed chair. The child was the only other person in the room and his demeanor was one of a terrified animal about to make a run for it. He refused to grasp the offered hand and decided to scoot back in the chair instead.

    “That’s okay son don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Mr. Easy moved back just a little. “So, before we figure out what I can do for you, will you tell me what you want to be called? I was informed by my assistant that you refuse to answer to your given name do you have one you would prefer?”

    “Can I really change my name?” The question held doubt and excitement in its pitch.

    “I’m sure that can be worked out if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

    “I’ve never wanted anything more. That person I used to be is gone like everyone else. There’s nothing here for me. There’s nobody who knows me or cares for me. I…. wanna change my name to Roman and move away. This town is the worst. I know there should be somewhere better. I know there should be somewhere….”He wiped a slow traveling tear from his cheek.

    “I understand. You don’t have to explain anything to me, son. I already know. I’m so sorry to hear about your little sister and the things the two of you went through. I wish I had been around before all of this happened. That bastard, I’m sorry…. I mean, Pugh had better be glad he disappeared.”
    “He didn’t have a choice.”
    Mr. Easy stood and moved to take a seat on the corner of the desk. He studied the boy’s angry countenance with interest. The boy had quickly snapped his lips shut behind the uttered words and turned his head so he didn’t have direct visual contact.

    “Do you have any idea where he might be? Or where your mom has gone? When was the last time you saw your mom?”

    “I don’t know nuthin’ about Mr. Pugh.”

    “Okay, let me tell you what I know. Your little sister had her accident and….”

    “It wasn’t an accident.” Roman interrupted sadly, his gaze down and studying the tips of his twisting and untwisting fingers.

    “I’m sorry I do know that. Your little sister was so sad she jumped out of the window.” He watched the child flinch at the words. “I think it would be easier on you if you remembered her fall as an accident.”
    “No, ‘cause she was the brave one. She knew she wanted to be free and she did something brave. She’s free now.”
    “What happened to Mr. Pugh after he took you to the cabin that night? He hasn’t been seen since.”
    “I don’t know what happened to him after that night. I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to spend the night with my little sister. She was cold and all alone and he made me go with him. I just wanted to be with my little sister. We got to the cabin before it was dark and he said I was being a big crybaby and he made me go to bed. He told me he was going to go to the little store up the road. I didn’t see him again.”
    “The police found the car thirty miles up the road. It had crashed into some trees.”
    The boy made no response.
    “I am so sorry you have to go through this Roman.” The boy looked up gratefully at the use of his requested name. “The police will continue looking for him so that he can be punished for what happened to your little sister and to you.”

    “You think he needs to be punished?”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “Do you think if someone did him something they should be punished?”
    “I can’t really say. It all depends. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. If something happened to Decatur Pugh and it was robbery, then the person should be punished.”
    “Could somebody who took a mean person and hurt them be a hero?”
    “Some people would think so. Sometimes life demands we take action and do something. Sitting around and letting bad things happen to good people can be seen as being part of the problem. Sometimes the adults of the world need to stand and say they’re tired of the horrendous crap and do something drastic. Don’t worry, Pugh will be found and made to pay for his crime.”
    “I’m not worried.”

    "The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution" by Eywade2001 on Ganxy

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