Some People Can't Be Trusted~ The Fishin Trip #thriller

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    Joshua Brooks has recently returned to the police station after visiting the explosion site in the woods. He's confronted by his superior and he finds himself exploding in anger. Let's listen in:

    Limping and leaning heavily on the ornate handle of the cane Sheriff Sammy Gunner hobbled across the station floor towards Joshua’s desk. The Sheriff had slipped on a water hose while chasing a suspect through the yards of a plush neighborhood, the only kind of neighborhood where he chose to show his presence, and broken his ankle.

     Though many of the guys under his command showed public sympathy for his plight, they all secretly laughed at the way his prejudices always came back to bite him in the ass. As did the Poodle from a few weeks previous when he’d heard there was a break-in in one of the better neighborhoods he had rushed off, burst in through the bushes only to have interrupted a late night pool rendezvous between two neighbors. The married partner of each began fighting and somehow or other the Sheriff had ended up having his butt bitten by the dog.

    Gunner laid the cane he was using on the clean surface of Joshua’s desk. With his good foot he pulled the wheeled chair from under the desk and plopped down. The chair rocked and rolled a little in protest.

    “I’m sorry it's gotta be like this Joshua, but we can’t have you as an investigator on this one. Hope there’s no hard feelings. I’m sure you knew you couldn’t be a part of this case because there are some big names on this list your brother-in-law kept. I didn’t move in this little hick town to work for my health. This place needs more cleaning than a swamped out swimming pool and I don’t want anything thrown out on a technicality. I want to get as many of those pedophiles as possible convicted and imprisoned. So you just go on home and take a few days off. Rest your nerves.”

    “Believe me, I understand that, Sheriff.” Joshua stuck his IPod in the box containing some of the small items he had cleared from his desk and the drawers.

    “Whatcha digging so deep in your drawers for? You know you don’t have to clear out everything because you’ll be coming back….probably sooner than you think. With all of the information on all of those leeches’ laptops we pretty much have the case sewn up.”

    “I know Sheriff. It’s just that my wife and her family are torn apart. This is horrible for them. My sister-in-law is taking it so hard her parents are contemplating having her committed for a little while. She already had an OCD now she feels like nothing will ever be clean again. Penny and I are trying to help her find a new home and sell the one she has, but unfortunately her assets have been frozen because of her husband’s way of earning money. She has to wrap her mind around the things the bastard did to her little girls. Her ex-husband, who has never been around has threatened her with legal custody and has limited visitation with her children. This is affecting everyone very hard. I’m afraid Vivian may do something to herself and so I’m going to step in with Jamie as much as possible so Penny can be with her family. We’re trying to keep him out of the picture.”

    “Funny you should say that, huh?”

    “Funny I should say what?”

    “The bit about keeping your child out of the picture.”

    “No, why would it be funny?”

    “I’m just sayin’.” The Sheriff shrugged his shoulder in an irritated ‘what’s the problem’ kind of attitude. “Your kid is in none of the pictures. Wait a minute. Just wait a minute.” He held up his hands as if to block his face. “I’m just saying. Some of the guys have been asking questions, I admit I would like to know how you ended up….I mean your child isn’t in any of the videos is a good thing, but how did that happen? We all know the famous Bertrand Isaacs was your brother-in-law. He had his own children as part of the setup and yours wasn’t. It doesn’t seem plausible.”

    “What are you trying to say, Sheriff? What are you all trying to say?” Joshua looked around the room making sure to stare each person in the eye and each either turned away pretending to be busy or put their head down. “You guys think my kid should have been raped?  What the fu….you all know how I felt about the guy. I never liked him and I damned sure didn’t keep it to myself. Don’t you all remember that? Neil?” Joshua called out one of the other detectives. “Don’t you remember me having you do a background check on the guy? So what if it was fruitless, but at least I tried. You need to think about that. All of you should.”

    Joshua turned to his desk and pulled open a drawer he had already been through. What small amount of items that remained he tossed into the box. He did the same for all of the other drawers until the desk was totally empty. Throughout the process he continued his rant.

    “Is it a bad thing to stay away from someone you believe to be a creep? Is it a crime to want to protect your own kid? I told my wife and her family there was something wrong with that guy but no one would listen. Everybody was so in love with him because he wrote ‘pretty little children’s books, Uncle Bernie Tells a Story, shoulda been Uncle Bernie tells a goddamn lie. Well look where it’s gotten everyone, full of regret and blaming other people.
     What’s the matter with you guys? Where’s your police instinct? Are you letting the paranoia of the world affect you?  Are we working in some kind of damned hick country town run on the fear of ignorant individuals and blood ties? You guys need to grow the hell up and get your head out of your asses. Get with the real times. Andy Griffith doesn’t live here and you’re sure as hell not damned assed Barney Phyfe. This is not damned Cherokee County, Texas. Fuck the dumb shit. You guys are cops for Christ sake. We’re supposed to be ecstatic when bastards like those are wiped off the face of the earth. We are supposed to be the real life action heroes. We’re not supposed to be turning on each other. I would think you’d be happy my son was spared torture, rape and humiliation and yet you sit here trying to condemn me. You know what…. I don’t wanna work here anymore. You all can go to the watery pits of hell.”
    Joshua yanked up his box, slammed down his gun and badge, and stomped out of the room and building.

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    "The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution" by Eywade2001 on Ganxy

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