Shiningbal, TX: Where the perverted go to play, prey, & takeThe Fishing Trip.#thriller

    Author: Ey Wade Genre: »

    Penny is highly upset, she just learned bout her brother-in-law being a pedophile and then has to deal with the innuendos from the sheriff. Let's peek in...

    Besides, I have a few questions I need to ask Penny.”

    “What kind of questions?” She resumed her perch on the edge of the desk.

    “Uhm, how long has your sister and Bertrand lived in this house? Were the lights already here? How long have they been married? I know he was an author, but for how long? How long has….”

    “Hold on a minute. Some of these questions you can wait and ask my sister. They aren’t my business and I don’t want to get anything screwed up.”

    “These aren’t hard questions, Penny for god’s sakes. Maybe this is why you people lose your cases. You don’t want to answer questions.”

    “Wait a damned minute. Maybe we lose our cases because all of the people in control of Shiningbal’s legal system are sorry assed, perverted, s.o.b.s who get  kicks out of men that hurt children. If you want me to answer questions, ask some that pertain to me.” She angrily poked herself in the chest. “Ask some, while I have my recorder on so my damned words don’t get screwed around and thrown out of court.” Pulling a small tape recorder from a shelf above the desktop computer she slammed it on the desk near the laptop. “I’m not playing with your ass, or any asses of anyone, who may have been involved in the torture and rape of my little nieces. Now, if you wanna ask me another question, I’ll answer it as a citizen with the recorder on. I’ve been through enough damned cases in family court to know you people don’t play fair. And you should know right now, I’m not fucking playing.” Turning to the door she angrily pointed at the dog standing in defense mode in its opening. “Graham, blanket god damnit and don’t come back in here.”

     And then she felt bad at the way his head drooped as he went back to lie near the boy. She knew he had only appeared and was only responding in protective instinct to the pitch and angry tone of her voice, but she didn’t care. As she'd stated earlier, she was no longer playing or just following the rules.

    She watched Hennessey, sitting slightly behind Gunner, disconnect, slide the zip drive into her pocket and replace it with another one, acknowledged the wink of encouragement she gave with a small lift of her head, and then turned back to look at Gunner who was staring at her with an odd look on his face.

    “What? What the hell is wrong with you, Gunner? Why are you staring at me?”

    “I was wondering the same thing about you. You’re kinda pissed off about nothing. A few little questions and you nearly eat mine and the poor dog’s head off.”

    “Pissed off about nothing?” Totally shocked at the comment, Penny raised her arms in the air in angry exasperation. “You think a ring of child molesters is ‘nothing’? How long have you been in this town? You weren’t even born here and yet you fit like a perfect lost piece of shit. All I want is justice here. Since I’m not involved in this case I’m going to take my kid and my dog home. I don’t want it to be said I interfered in any way. You won’t be able to use my presence as an excuse not to do your job. If you want to question me, call me into the office and have your recorder on the table, ‘cause I will be bringing mine. Oh and another thing. I have pictures of everything in this house so don’t try stealing anything Gunner. I’ll call my sister from home.”

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