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    Mona left the room. She walked down the short hallway into the rear of the house and into a small bedroom. She looked around the room in satisfaction and pride. The small room was the only other bedroom in the house and she had designated it to Brhin.
    From the matching car/truck motif on the wall paper border and comforter on the racing car shaped bed, and to the shelf of toys against the wall showed that the entire room had been decorated with a little boy in mind. 

    "Brhin will love it here. He'll be glad that I brought him home and he'll love this room when he sees it."  
    She danced around in her joy. Her every thought and action in decorating the room had been geared by thoughts of Brhin. From the very first sight of him, four months previously and every day since, Brhin had become her reason for living. The first time she saw him she thought he seemed so cute putting in his breakfast order at the McDonald's across from her house.
    That 'little redhead' (she refused to even think of the skinny little woman as his mother) had been holding him at eye level to the cashier and he had stated his wishes in a clear concise manner. The cashier had giggled good-naturedly when Brhin insisted on ordering nuggets for breakfast and he had laughed along with her. Eaves dropping on their short conversation, she had gathered the information that Brhin and the cashier went through the same little drama every Saturday morning and she had silently chuckled along with them. Amused with the verbal exchange and entranced with the joy for life that the child exhibited, she had become enamored with him. From then on, it had become her business to be at the Mc Donald's on Saturdays when the 'little redhead' brought Brhin in for breakfast. She would sit in a different area and watch his every move.
     It was hard to pinpoint the exact day that had made her decide she wanted the child as her own, but deep in her soul she had known. The need to have Brhin had gotten so absorbing that she knew there was no way she could live without him. Saturday became the only day in the week that gave her reason to go on.

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