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     Premonitions: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book One.  
    Available for pre-orders at The official release date is October 28, 2014.

    The synopsis:
    Stephanie is drawn to Chaz in a way that she has never experienced—by a connection through dreams that tell her things she isn’t supposed to know. While those dreams expose Chaz’s secrets and pull Stephanie into his dangerous world, she’s willing to follow the attraction to see where it might lead.
    Chaz knows better than to get emotionally attached, but he can’t resist seeing her again. He can’t fight the spiritual force that binds them, and he doesn’t want to. When his life is threatened, he must make difficult choices and find a way to protect both of them as he handles his mysterious life.

    Stephanie wanted to scream but the sound wouldn’t push through her shock.
    In her mind’s eye, she could see Chaz’s body pitch sideways as the bullet struck his chest, high but near his heart. Pain exploded in her own. She was having trouble breathing. Where was he? An alley? No, a parking lot. The person who shot him was running away: blue jeans and brown jacket getting into a dark green Ford. Light colored eyes flashed at her, illuminated by the single security light that was perched at the corner of the building. What building?
    Chaz was moving. He was alive.
    That was when she woke up from the dream.
    She took several deep breaths to calm her racing heart. This wasn’t the first time she’d had that dream; it had come to her three nights ago. And while it had scared her then, she’d actually convinced herself that it hadn’t meant anything. The details had been fuzzier and the shock had subsided almost immediately. That wasn’t the case tonight—everything had been frighteningly clear and she had somehow been physically linked. Her chest still hurt as if she were the one who’d gotten shot.
    Near-panic crept over her. A couple of weeks had passed since the wedding and he hadn’t contacted her. She chastised herself for not getting his phone number; at least she would be able to call and make sure he was all right.
    Another thought hit her and made her shiver. The dream had happened at night. Was it occurring as she was dreaming it? Or, was there still time to warn him?
    Stephanie extricated herself from the sheet that had gotten tangled around her legs, climbed out of bed, and went to the kitchen. Lots of ice and a little water. She leaned against the counter while slurping down the liquid before popping a miniature cube into her mouth and chomping down on it. What should she do?
    She’d find the pool hall, tell him to be careful, explain about her gift—and hope he wouldn’t laugh in her face. If he did, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d been doubted.
    Her most recent ex-boyfriend, Justin, had scoffed when she’d told him that his sixteen-year-old sister was pregnant and planning to run away with the baby’s twenty-year-old father. But he wasn’t laughing after he’d gotten off the phone with the teenager; he’d spent nearly an hour convincing her that he would help tell their parents and bring her to stay with him until she could sort everything out. When he’d ended the call he’d been upset about his sister, but confused and afraid about Stephanie’s unusual ability.
    “Only con artists claim to see the future,” he’d accused.
    “And prophets,” she’d corrected. “I’m neither, but I do have the same gift.”

    Brynette L. Turner's  bio:
    I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio and am the mother of two grown daughters. A couple of years ago, with both of my daughters in college, I decided that it was time to refocus on my first love and finally become a published author.
    Premonitions is my fourth book. It is a romantic suspense with a very strong psychic theme. The premise interested me because I think soul-ties are real, know people who have dreams that seem to come true, and have experienced those “haven’t I done this already” moments that are déjà vu. This book was such a joy to write that my characters continue to speak to me, and I recently decided to make the book into a series. I hope to release book two of the Dream Catcher Series in June 2015.
    Other things I like are fishing, cooking, football, and going to the movies.  I’m a huge fan of birthdays because I think that every day of life should be celebrated.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because there are many things to be grateful for.  And, while life isn’t always easy, I’m a hopeless romantic who will always believe in happy endings.

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