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    Hello everyone, thank you for tuning into IN THE CHAIR, we have been really busy lately and it has been a lot of fun. Let's welcome author Brynette L. Turner. She is the author of several novels, Premonition being her latest and up for preorder as we speak.

     Brynette, tell us a little about yourself.
    I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio and am the mother of two grown daughters. A couple of years ago, with both of my daughters in college, I decided that it was time to refocus on my first love and finally become a published author.
    Premonitions is my fourth book. It is a romantic suspense with a very strong psychic theme. The premise interested me because I think soul-ties are real, know people who have dreams that seem to come true, and have experienced those “haven’t I done this already” moments that are déjà vu. This book was such a joy to write that my characters continue to speak to me, and I recently decided to make the book into a series. I hope to release book two of the Dream Catcher Series in June 2015.
    Other things I like are fishing, cooking, football, and going to the movies.  I’m a huge fan of birthdays because I think that every day of life should be celebrated.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because there are many things to be grateful for.  And, while life isn’t always easy, I’m a hopeless romantic who will always believe in happy endings.
    Brynette, I want to thank you for volunteering to be our current author IN THE CHAIR, without further delay, let's get into the interview.  

    When did you start writing, and what did you write about?

    I started writing when I was about 12 years old. I routinely got carried away with the assignment to use the week’s vocabulary words in a story. It wasn’t long before my teacher recognized my drive and creativity and would let me spend the rest of the afternoon scribbling page after page of stories that just seemed to flow from me. She, along with my entire cluster of students, was devouring each page as soon as I could write it.  Needless to say, the experience was extremely encouraging.  Even then, I wrote love stories about trust, hope, and happiness. Ironically, I never wrote young adult fiction. My characters were always in their early twenties with jobs and their own homes.  Of course, the stories were very tame and very idealistic.

    Ey:What is the difference in your perception between now and the time you started writing?
    As a pre-teen, I thought unconditional love was easy, obstacles were simple, and happy endings really could happen in one weekend of confessions and proclamations of love.  Now, I understand that problems are complex, that many people and situations impact how one feels, that the past determines whether someone is able to give or receive love, and that a person must be determined to let go of fear in order to be happy. There is nothing simple about being an adult in love.

    Ey:.Please write a few lines about the books you have published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.

    My latest book is Premonitions. It’s Book One of what I’m calling the Dream Catcher Series. In it, the heroine is Stephanie who has dreams that predict the future, experiences déjà vu, and believes in holistic approaches to dealing with life’s stresses. The hero, Chaz, is a very practical person, but he also believes in spiritual matters and is willing to accept that Stephanie and he are linked because her dreams tell her things couldn’t otherwise know about his dangerous secrets. This is a romantic suspense because of his lifestyle and also a story about psychic balance. I wrote it because I’ve always believed that people can be connected spiritually and that forces like fate or destiny can cause people’s paths to cross. Also, I love reading suspense stories and thought it would be fun to write one. Premonitions: Dream Catcher Series ~ Book One. 
    Available for pre-orders at
    The official release date is October 28, 2014.

    The first book I published was Detour. In it, Jessica is an ambitious woman in her mid-twenties who unexpectedly falls in love while on a business trip. Since she is tenacious and resourceful, she is convinced that she can have her career goals and a relationship with Jake, the owner of a small-town diner. I wanted to write a story that was fun but that also showed how tricky it can be for a young person starting a career to figure out how to pursue more than one dream at a time. As the mother of a daughter in that age group, I could relate to the stories and challenges I was seeing and thought that the topic might be relevant to others as well.

    Time for Tenderness and Monica’s Healing were the second and third novels that I published. I’m going to talk about them together because they are about sisters and I had the same motivation for writing them. Both women grew up in a home with an absent father and a mother who was emotionally (and sometimes physically) abusive; however, the women’s lives take different turns. Valerie goes to college, has a child, and years later marries the father (Tony) who helps her to accept love and learn to trust. Monica has more of a struggle because her experienced have created jealousy, bitterness, and insecurities to the point where she doesn’t seem capable of love or happiness, despite the fact that Patrick loves her very much. The books deal with the relationships the women have with each other, the men who love them, and the absent father who returned after being gone for 15 years. While Monica’s Healing is a sequel, it can also stand alone. These books are very much stories about devotion, determination, forgiveness, the dynamics of African American families, and overcoming abuse. I wrote them because those themes have appeared so frequently in the lives of people I know that I felt compelled to show that love really can conquer all—if people will trust and work hard at it.

    Ey:.What are you writing about now and why are you writing this book?
    My current work is about a woman in her late 40’s who is romantically drawn to a much younger man at the same time that she is resisting her attraction to her boss, who is several years older than she. Amina is going to have to choose, and for the longest I didn’t know who her choice would be; so, I was a little surprised at the twist the story took. I’m writing this book because I’m the single mother of two grown children and I’m encouraged by the many options there are for finding love at this stage of life.

    Ey:.Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan?
    The ideas definitely just pop into my head and I simply let them develop from that initial idea. I have never been successful at creating characters that are pre-defined outside of just basic personality traits.  Sometimes, what they do or how they think about a situation is a surprise even to me. As for the story line, I never know where it will go, even if I have an idea of where I want it to end up.

    Ey:I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?
     Marketing is extremely difficult for me, also. I’m not sure what’s working but I’m trying a variety of techniques. As a reader, I like to spend my money on books that other people like, especially if it is a new author for me. Therefore, I’ve been seeking reviews and have been successful in getting a lot of favorable feedback that might attract other readers. I’ve also been posting online – Facebook, Twitter, Blog spots, and interviews—in hopes that people will find out about me and my books that way.  I can say that my sales did increase when I joined and started posting in a variety of book clubs online. I’ve also recently updated the categories and keywords associated with my books in hopes that readers will more easily be able to find them on Amazon.

    Ey: Where can the audience purchase your books?
    All of my books are available on Amazon and CreateSpace.

    Premonitions: Dream Catcher Series – Book One

    Time for Tenderness

    Monica’s Healing


    CreateSpace store (print copies)
    DON'T FORGET: Premonitions will become available after its October 28th release date.)

    Ey:.I have a habit of talking (interviewing) to the people in my books.  How do you communicate with your characters?
    I guess they talk to me more than I talk to them. Scenes pop into my head all the time and, sometimes, I have to go someplace quiet and close my eyes to focus in on the conversation my characters are trying to have. I jot down what they’re saying and repeat the process until I’m clear on what direction they are telling me to go with a particular scene or problem. I have noticed that my moods will also change based on the scene I’m working on, so much that sometimes, I’m crying, laughing, or doing shots of tequila.

    Ey:If I were to interview one or two of the characters from your novel what do you think he/she would say about the role you put him/her in? Do you think they would like the book?
    From Premonitions, I think Stephanie would love what I’ve done with her character. She gets to be a woman who is determined to always believe in her gift of having predictive dreams. She likes the calmness and self-confidence it gives her.  However, she might challenge me on whether she handled the ex-girlfriend the right way. Overall, because she believes strongly in fate, she’d be happy with the way certain things are wrapped up and the way other things point towards the next phase in her life.

    Ey: What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing?
    I love to eat. I’m constantly going out to restaurants or finding interesting recipes online. My family frequently has themed dinners where I’ll find a collection of recipes from a particular country or region and we’ll create an entire menu around that.

    Brynette, thank you again for your time and best of luck on your latest novel.

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