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    "The Fishing Trip evoked a lot of emotions in me as a reader. This thriller goes to some pretty dark places but the author manages to execute the telling of the story without resorting to horrifying  graphic details. Normally I like the graphic stuff, but in this case, my imagination will suffice.Durham, or whatever name you want to call him by, is a special kind of hero, risking it all to save the innocent from the worst horrors you can imagine. It’s a unique tale of revenge; intricately layered as more and more players are revealed.The resolution is bittersweet in that desired ends are met, but no matter how many tragedies are resolved and how many guilty parties are made accountable, the past and the scars it carries remain the same.The underlying theme and the hero’s catch phrase, “Life Demands Action” continues to resonate within me and will for a long time, I believe."

    EXCERPT from The Fishing Trip:

    Bertrand banked on his charm to get him whatever he wanted. Through further investigation Durham learned Bertrand was a member of a group called A Gentleman’s Behavior. Using that picture of a fictitious niece started an email conversation which turned into instant messaging, which turned into a face to face meeting of every member of Bertrand’s group. Within three days he had successfully introduced and integrated Durham into his circle of friends.
    What Bertrand didn’t know was that the emails were full of tracking viruses which allowed Durham access to the files on Bertrand’s computer hard drive which eventually led him to the files of the other members of A Gentleman’s Behavior. A bunch of ignorant deviants with egos so large and their reach in the community so wide they believed they were untouchable
    These guys lived in an affluent neighborhood along a manicured tree lined street and shared their own children amongst each other. To the community they were the best fathers. They allowed their wives to take weekend trips together while they supposedly cared for the children. They used the excuses for sleepover and overnight trips to have orgies and tape the rape sessions with the children to sale over the internet.
    One of the fathers had the balls to post brags about his ability to supply ‘fresh’ victims through his wife’s childcare business. The unsuspecting woman ran a twenty-four hour center and he manipulated the system to have access to the youngest children. No matter how smart each man thought they were, their inability to trust each other and their habits of keeping written and recorded records was now going to be their downfall.
    In the backyard of Bertrand's home sitting on lawn chairs and watching a dozen little kids playing, Durham found it hard to believe he was in the midst of perverts. They pretended to be normal, smiled and interacted with the children as any father would, and yet they were the worst species of criminals. Nothing seemed out of place from where he sat watching the activities going on. Unless you count the way the children made it their business to stay across the yard and out of reach.
    "Okay," Bertrand handed a can of beer to Durham and sat on the arm of the chair next to him."Durham buddy, what about your niece" He took a sip from the can in his hand. "When are you going to bring her over? I told my daughters about her and they can't wait to meet her."
    Looking across the space he studied Bertrand’s face before answering. The image of a leech was stamped all over Bertrand’s countenance. Maybe it was just his imagination running high because of what he knew about the man, but Bertrand seemed to drool and lick his lips whenever he asked about the pretend niece. If he had really been an uncle he would have killed the man just because of his lascivious attitude.
    "Sorry. Uhm, I was going to bring her but her dad’s job was canceled today and so he wanted to spend time with her. It’s not often he has the chance."
    "I understand, maybe next week. Anyway, didn’t you tell me you worked on computers? My laptop is acting crazy lately. You think you can do something with it?"
    "Sure. Let me take a look at it. If push comes to shove, I’ll bring it home with me and work on it.
    "So where's your wife?"
    "She's outta town."
    Wow. That's what your friend the doctor over there said. It seems like all of you got stuck with the kids today."
    Bertrand laughed heartily and shared the observation with the other men and they joined in the laughter. The knowing ribbing they gave each other at what they believed was an inside joke, sickened Durham. When all of their computers began ‘acting up’, he used a fake child and a lie of being a computer expert to gain access to their computers and download vital information into his own system. Within two short weeks he infiltrated all of their homes, installed live video and audio feed and sealed their fate. This was their weekend to take a fishing trip.
    The hardest thing to have learned through the entire research and setup was the knowledge Bertrand Isaacs was Penny’s brother-in-law.

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