A child is given to a stalker. Excerpt from-Ey Wade'sTHE PERFECT SOLUTION #suspense

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    "I fell in love with him on that day. I never knew you could feel so completely, so strongly for someone so new. I love him body and soul."
    "You did the right things, Ms. Teddi. This is not your fault." Detective Williams put the envelope under the clip of the board she was carrying. "Stay near the telephone when you return home. A unit will be there before the night is over to put a tracer on the line. All of your calls will be monitored until your son is returned or the tap is no longer necessary." 

    "What do you mean 'no longer necessary'? What are you saying? You think Brhin will be killed, don't you?"

    "Cat, stop that." Phae ran to Catrine and yanked her hands from the lapels of the officer's jacket. "Calm down. And take that nasty thing out of your mouth." She slapped the curved, barely smoked cigarette from between Catrine's lips. You gave up smoking, remember? Retrieving bad habits will not make things better. Let's go to your house. You left the answering machine on didn't you? Good." Phalene smiled at the affirmative nod of Catrine's head. "Someone may have called." She climbed into the car and started the motor.
    Catrine and Austin followed Phae's actions a little slower. 

    "Yes. You're right." Catrine turned to the detective. "I am sorry, Detective Williams. I didn't mean to grab you like that."

    "I understand." Detective Williams brushed aside the apology. "Detective Serge and I will be to your home as soon as we finish up here. Try and get some rest. It won't do your son any good to come home and find out you've broken down." 

    "That still doesn't make the idea of resting a foreseen possibility." Catrine pulled the hat off of her head before climbing into her sister's car. She let her head fall to the headrest of the car as Phae sped out of the parking lot. "God, Phae what will I ever do without Brhin? I won't be able to go on."

    "I have no answers, Catrine. I think about how I would feel right now if one of my girls were missing and all I can think of is 'stunned'. I cannot imagine what I would be doing at this very moment. I would probably be crying or searching the streets like a mad woman, and most likely I would have grabbed that stupid, skinny little teacher by the throat and killed her, in front of everyone in the room."
    "That is exactly what I felt like doing. I could have killed the lot of them, but that wouldn't have put Brhin in my arms. I can only pray that they find him because I don't think I want to live without him." She choked back a sob. "Does that sound strange?" She turned her entire body to face her sister and used her hands to help express her views. "As much as I did not want him in the beginning, all I can do is want him, now. Can you understand that?"

    "Yes, of course. I know how you were when Frank and I came back to town and found out you were pregnant. The way that you ranted and raved, starved yourself and walked around totally despondent, I think the entire world knew you hadn't wanted the baby. I just wanted to make sure that Austin knew, but you would tell him nothing. I wanted to go to his house and beat the hell out of him for putting you in such a situation and then not being man enough to hang around. I hated seeing you so miserable and alone."

    "I wasn't alone, Phae. You were there."

    "Yeah, but I was there only for the last four months. You should have told me you were pregnant sooner."

    Austin leaned forward from the backseat, his hands holding Catrine’s hands still in her lap.
    “If I had known she was pregnant I wouldn’t have left her alone, I promise you. All she had to do was let me know. I would have been there. I never run from my responsibilities.”

    "I was wrong in so many ways, I know. If my apologizing to you over and over tonight would change what’s going on now, I would do it none stop, Austin. All I can say is that I’m sorry. And Phae I felt like such a fool and acted like one, too. I didn’t want to burden you ‘cause you had just come from overseas. I was horrible all my life and I just"

    "True, but then you went through this massive transformation and the coming of the child was all that you cared about. You studied all of those parent's advice books, bought furniture. Decorated his little room and poured all of your time into buying just the 'right' outfits. No strings, no tassels. Nothing he could choke on or be choked with. I remember when they placed Brhin in your arms, the joy just radiated from you."

    "I remember. I fell in love with him on that day. I never knew you could feel so completely, so strongly for someone so new. I love him body and soul as much as I.... and now he's gone, too.”

    "Don't say it like that. Everything will come out right. God has a way of doing things and it is not for us to understand. We will just have to have faith. I know that Brhin will be back. Just have faith."

    Everyone loves three year old Brhin Teddi. His single mother, Catrine, loves him. His aunt and uncle and cousins love him. The teachers at his daycare center, The Perfect Solution, love him. And someone in the shadows, watching, following and planning, loves him so much she’s ready to destroy countless lives to have him and call him her son. A terrifying look into the world of childcare, its weaknesses and the terrible cost of those weaknesses.

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