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    Hi, thank you so much for stopping by to visit today. I would like to introduce you to the person taking advantage of our new summer studio setup. Her name is Laurie Boris.

    Laurie Boris is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and former graphic designer with a long history of ignoring housework and pots on the stove to sneak in “just a few more pages” of her novels. She has had her short fiction published in small magazines and on the Web. Her first novel, The Joke’s on Me, took an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Beach Book Festival. Drawing Breath, a contemporary coming-of-age novel, is her latest book. When not playing with the universe of imaginary people in her head, she enjoys baseball, cooking, reading, and helping aspiring novelists as a contributing writer and editor for She lives in New York’s lovely Hudson Valley with her husband. 

    So, let's get this started.  Grab a cool glass of lemonade, kick off your shoes and let's all enjoy ourselves.

    Hi, Laurie. Glad you're here. I hear you're having a give away June 29th and 30th. There will be a lot of lucky people having the chance to pick up your book for free. It has some awesome reviews.

    When did you start writing, and what did you write about?

    I started writing in junior high, when one of my favorite teachers encouraged us to keep a journal. I walked onto our back deck and watched the sun set, and wrote about the changing colors. 
    What is the difference in your perception between now and the time you started writing?

    I take myself much less seriously now. I no longer see the world in absolutes, and enjoy all the colors in the crayon box. 

    Please write a few lines about the books you have published, and what brought you to publishing each one of them.
    The first book I published was The Joke’s on Me, a light-hearted-but-serious novel about a failed stand-up comedian. After a mudslide destroys her Malibu digs, she leaves Hollywood for her hometown of Woodstock, New York, where an even bigger mess awaits: the family she left behind. I considered self-publishing, but pitched it to a publisher at an online writing conference, and she took a chance on me.


     I self-published my second novel, Drawing Breath, in May. This story about a teen artist and the teacher she falls in love with is so close to my heart that I wanted to put it out myself. Daniel, the art teacher, has cystic fibrosis, but he chooses to live as fully as he can. Caitlin can only watch as other people, mostly women, treat him like a freak because of his disease, while she sees him for the person and friend he is. 

    Yes, I hear Drawing Breath is having rave reviews. Remember audience, there will be a free giveaway of this book June 29-30. 
    So Laurie, what are you writing about now and why are you writing this book?

    I’m writing a “tragicomic” novel about a family weathering a crisis. I don’t like to say too much about what I’m currently working on, though. 

    I can understand that. Can't wait to read it. I don't think I've ever heard the term 'tragicomic'. Sounds interesting.Tell me, how do you go about writing your books? Do the ideas just pop in your head or do you have to plot and plan?

    I’m what they call a “pantser.” No plots, few plans. A character, scene, or situation pops into my head and I follow. For instance, Frankie, the comedian in The Joke’s on Me, just fell into my head one day while I was stuck in traffic in Woodstock. 

    I’m having a bit of a hard time marketing my books. What are your techniques and do you feel they are working?

    I have a hard time because mine don’t often fit tidily on the shelf. Although I do like social media for getting the word out, including Goodreads and Amazon giveaways. Word of mouth is lovely, as well, and my extended family and network of friends are terrific. 

    Where can the audience purchase your books?

    The Joke’s on Me is available on, or you can order it through the publisher, 4RV Publishing LLC. Drawing Breath right now is an Amazon exclusive. Both are available in ebook and softcover. 

    I have a habit of talking (interviewing) to the people in my books.  How do you communicate with your characters?

    I talk to them, too! Sometimes in my head, but often I’ll imagine them sitting next to me. I ask questions and write the answers. This works wonders when I get stuck, and feel that I need to get to know a character better.  

    Lol, so true. That's exactly how it works for me.If I were to interview one or two of the characters from your novel what do you thing he/she would say about the role you put him/her in? Do you think they would like the book?

    Caitlin, my young artist, might be truly mortified. She’s a very private person and I’ve told the world her secrets! Although she might like the book, because she can read about Daniel, what he thinks about and how he paints.

     What hobby or activity do you enjoy other than writing?
    I love to read, cook, and watch baseball. 

    The cooking and the reading part I totally understand. Baseball? I love watching the highlights on the internet. I'm trying to get into it because a niece is becoming a champ on her team.
    I want to thank you so much for spending these minutes with us, Laurie. Good look on your book sales and feel free to come back for a visit anytime.
    People feel free to follow Laurie on her sites and go on over and check out her books.  
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