Mass Macabre Murder

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    The Author: I know it has been a while since we had an interview in our comfy chair, but I read a book recently which has me questioning the use of gratuitous violence. The concept bothered me so, to get a little insight into the matter, I have invited Durham and Joshua, from the novel-The Fishing Trip, to give their opinion.  
    Have a seat Durham. You can sit next to Joshua. So, how have you been?"

    "I've been fine. Didn't know they had made two of these awful chairs" Durham leans back in the chair and stretches his legs before him.

    "And what about you, Joshua? Has much changed in Shinningbal since Macadoo offed himself and the rest of the city officials?"

    "I like to think so. It's been kinda quiet, at least it was until an old friend came back to town."

    "What? Who? Durham looks towards Joshua with a raised brow. Didn't know you had any  'old' friends."

    "Little Sammy Quinn." Joshua answered quietly. "I'll tell you about it later.  Let's get this little chat over with.  So, what's your problem?" Hands hanging between his legs, he turns his attention to the author.

    "Macabre deaths. My question is, what is your opinion of books which have a constant, flow of murder? Do you think it is necessary?"

    "That doesn't seem like a legitimate question after what you had me do in The Fishing Trip." Durham also leans forward. His steady gaze a little unnerving, but the author refused to look shaken.

    "I stand behind what I write. You had a perfectly good reason for doing what you did. I made sure of that. Maybe I should have said....deaths and tortures without a legitimate reason. The last book I read had so much murder, it just felt ridiculous. And then to target one person and her family without cause....just unbelievable."

    "Why was this woman chosen? Was she an ex-girlfriend or something? As a cop I've come to realize there is a reason for everything."

    "The reason was never made clear. The deaths just seemed as if in sport. The guy even kidnapped, raped her child, killed people she loved and I could never figure out the reasons."

    "Listen," As was his habit, Durham cuts the interview short. "I have something I need to do, but I can tell you this much. Some people think horrendous deaths, and a lot of it, make for a good read. No accounting for taste." Durham looks at Joshua, and pointedly moves his head in direction of the door. "Josh, let's go talk about Sammy. Haven't seen him for a while."

    Joshua stands and follows Durham out of the room. Trailing pieces of their conversation floats back in. Rushing to stand near the door, the author waves down the voices of the studio audience so she can eavesdrop.

    I don't know what she has been thinking, but I believe our author has plans on bringing Sammy out of hiding.

    Lord, help us if she does. Shit, Lord help the world. She doesn't know him like we do.

    The rest of the conversation fades off and the author walks slowly back to her chair. Deep in thought she fails to hear the camera man make the closing announcement to the show. Scenes from her newest WIP flash through her mind, but she refuses the urge to squelch them. Sammy will return to Shinnigbal.

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