If I Could Rewrite My Own Story

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    THE VOICE: Today our conversation turns to Penny Brooke. The social worker and sidekick to Durham in The Fishing Trip.
    So, Penny as one of the main characters in your novel what do you think of your author? Did she write you to your greatest potential? Is there something you wish you could have said or done differently in your book?

    PENNY: If I had my own choice I would wish Ey Wade had written me at least eight inches taller, with a killer body instead of the miniature frame I was able to use as bait against those creepy a...pedophiles.
    Oh, I also wish she would have let me use all of my hard learned defense moves. I wish she would have let me kick Bernard's butt before he took care of him.

    THE VOICE: So what do you think of her as an author?

    Penny: I think she is the best. She writes about topics that really concern the readers while keeping them entertained. So, if this interview is over, please forgive me for having to leave right. I Have a lot to do. lot to do.

    If you're tired of injustices in the judicial system where it seems sexual predators, pedophiles, and deviants have lenient sentences or get away with their crime, The Fishing Trip is a trip to die for.

    Set in Shiningbal, Texas where the perverted go to disappear, child sexual abuse is the norm and when the legal system is the monster, redemption doesn’t play nice. Durham considers himself to be an avenger of childhood innocence. Tired of pedophiles having free reign on innocent children he takes them on excursions and ends their obsessions.


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