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    Hello, again. Welcome back to In The Chair. Our site for interviews with the characters. I know it has been a while since our last visit, but life has been a challenge.

    Today we resume our sessions with the author Ey Wade herself. I have just finished reading through the enhanced version of  Beads on a String America 's Racially Intertwined Biographical History and I am really impressed.  I love the ideas of having movies and being able to research facts from within the book. She'll be arriving in a moment so let's sit back and enjoy.

    The Author: Come in Ms. Wade. The interviewer reaches out to shake the author's hands before resuming her seat. Thank you so much for agreeing to return.
    Ey Wade: " Not a problem. Thank you for inviting me back. I've been going through your archives and I love the interviews you've had with some of the other characters. I really admire Catrine Teddi from the novel The Perfect Solution. I think I would have done the same thing to anyone who tried to hurt a child of mine."
    The Author: "I totally agree. Uhm. So how have things been going with you? At our last conversation you had just succeeded in publishing with Scribd have their been any changes?"
    Ey Wade: Since our last visit, I have been able to publish  the history book as well as two fiction novels on the Kindle.
    The Author: Explain to us again your reason for penning the creative non-fiction history book. What are some of the main features?
    Ey Wade: Well, the enhanced novel contains videos, pictures, and  hyperlinks. The Kindle version does support hyper-links. I put the book together to in the beginning to show my daughter how people of all races contributed to the making of America. I later decided to share it so that all children and adults will gain pride for all individuals.
    The Author: What do you believe should happen with this book?
    Ey Wade: I believe it should be shared within the schools and in the families to start a conversation on the value of every person in America.
    The Author: Before we leave tell us one surprising thing you learned while putting the book together.
    Ey Wade: I learned the basis of labeling a person's race was decided by a single thesis paper of one man. He used 5 categories, and 60 skulls to determine the value and ability of a person. And to this day we (Americans) follow the same ideals. Even though he later fell in love with a Black woman and changed his beliefs, the die was set. What a waste.
    The Author: I thank you Ms. Wade for taking your time to visit with us today and really recommend this book to the audience.
    Ey Wade: "Thank you. And be sure to let them know to visit my site at http://wade-inpublishing.com to learn more about Beads on a String and my other novels."
    The Author: I will. She stands shakes hands with Ms. Wade before walking her to the door. As a matter of fact I will also post a video.

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