TALKING to MYSELF An Interview With Author-Continued

    Author: Ey Wade Genre:

    Thank you readers for returning for a second interview with the author-Ey Wade as we discuss her newest project.

    The VoiceMs. Wade, thanks for returning. So, at our last visit we discussed your book Beads on a String-America's Racially Intertwined Biographical History. I have one quick questions before we continue with the interview. Could you have made the title any longer?
    Interviewer & author laughs.

    Ms. Wade: I probably could have. I was really trying to just fit the concept into the title. I like it though, but am always open to change.

    The Voice:  I visited your other site 'Wade-In Publishing' and the blog and was very impressed. While there I noticed a download for the book in a multi-media format and so I downloaded it.  
    Holds up cover of book

     Ms. Wade: And what did you think?

    The Voice: I like the page turning effects and the videos. What I enjoyed the most were the hyper linking abilities. Is the book available in print form?

    Ms. Wade: Not at the moment. At least not in traditional format. It is available in a 'binding format" for when I have speaking engagements or venue sales.

    The Voice: Well, Ms. Wade I see our time is up. Will you be able to return again? I really want to ask you some questions pertaining to home-schooling.

    Ms. Wade: I'm always up for an interview. Especially in such a comfortable chair. Just give me a time and a date and I'll be here.

    The Voice: Okay. Tomorrow. Same time. same place.

    Ms. Wade: Sounds like a plan.
    Ms. Wade stands, shakes the interviewers proffered hand and exits the room.
    The Voice: There you have it folks. See you tomorrow. I'm going to go and catch up on some more history. You should check it out. Feel free to post any questions you may want to ask the author.

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