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    Well, I’ve been sitting here for the last thirty minutes waiting for our next visitor, Bertha Wall the owner/director of the Perfect Solution Child care Center. Uhm, I have called her and she says she is running late and so to fill the time The Voice will interview me. What better way for the reader to learn the reasoning for the manuscript The Perfect Solution then through the author, right?

    THE VOICE: Glad you could step in at the last minute, Ms. Wade.

    Ms. Wade : Not a problem I'm just sitting here.
    THE VOICE: I know Ms. Wall is on the way so let's get as much as we can done. Whatever we don't cover we can finish on another day. First question. What made you write the book and why did you choose the title The Perfect Solution?
    Ms. Wade: I can cover both questions with one answer. The Perfect Solution is a story about the choices we believe are the perfect ones for ourselves and how they can backfire,whirlpool and entrap another. It's like a perfect circle. Everything always comes back.
    THE VOICE: Interesting thought. But why have a child abducted from a daycare center? 
    Ms. Wade: As you know I have worked in the childcare profession for over thirty years. My first idea was to write a book on how to choose a child care center, but I thought of all the books on the market and nixed the idea.I was at work in a center and someone was sent to my class to get a child. Well I didn't know the person and the staff in the office hadn't checked their identification. It scared me. What if I had sent the child home with that person? The making of the story just clicked in my mind. Other incidents of near misses and neglect in childcare from the past years fit right in the book. 
    THE VOICE: What about the relationship of the parents? How do you feel about them?
    Ms. Wade: Most of the women I know are single parents and their state was always a choice made by the father. I wanted a different angle. I really like the parents and I hope their feelings for each other comes through in the book.
    THE VOICE: Do you think you made the child a little too smart. I mean he's three years old.
    Ms. Wade: No, I don't. As a matter of fact the child is closer to four than three and a child can learn anything if it is taught.He really only knew the basic of what every child should know. Enough to get him saved.

    THE VOICE: I guess so. I have to ask you this about Mona Boots. Did you have any sympathy for her
    Ms. Wade: Yes. I really do feel for anyone in her situation. She has her manic moments, but I have to say she really loves Brhin. I hope she gets the mental help she really needs.
    THE VOICE: Talking about people who need help. Do you really believe Bertha Wall will be able to save her center's reputation.
    Ms. Wade: I don't know. The woman is in denial. She won't face facts about the incompetent way she runs the place. Everything is the fault of someone else.
    The door opens and Bertha wall enters.
    Bertha Wall: Hi, I heard my name. Were you calling me in or just talking about me?

    THE VOICE: Both as a matter of fact. I was interviewing our author, but we can finish later. I'll leave and let her get to work.
    Ms. Wade: Thanks Voice for stepping in. Ms. Wall, I'll get us some water and I'll be right back.
    Bertha Wall: I'll be here.

    Ms. Wade:Audience, while you are waiting go on and read the next interview. And be sure to click the pictures.
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