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    Karen Quinones Miller is the author of seven Essence Best Selling novels and has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary - Fiction. In addition, she is also a literary consultant, CEO of Oshun Publishing Company, and a former literary agent. (info from her site) Her blogs are

    Jennifer Beaumont. Her blog is an educator, traveler, travel writer, avid reader, lover of live concerts, slow food enthusiast (info from her blog).  
    Her last name is also the name of my birthplace. Lol.

     Writer Unboxed

    AUTHORS FROM WRITING KINDLE BOOKS >The Independent Authors Forum = Patric Pad.A = Patric Pad.A = Patric Pad.A  = Patric Pad.A    Craig Davis, "The Job" - M T McGuire

    Just for the sake of SS

    Jeremy Aldana:  No More Fear

    Valerie Maarten: Indie Authors Unite (IAU)

    Beth Barany's The Writer's Fun Zone: Where Indie Authors Come for Inspiration & Fun! :: Indie Author Interviews Coming Soon! {Email me to secure your date}

    Deatri King-Bey:
    L.L. Reaper:

    Stories From The Ether:

    Junying Kirk:

    Cynthia Meyers-Hanson @

    Ey Wade: http;// (where my characters speak and #SS are born)

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