Interviews from The Fishing Trip--Who Are You Really?

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    Hey Reading World, we have started a with a new set of people in the chair. The characters are here from the novel--The Fishing Trip.

    In the story Durham considers himself to be an avenger of childhood innocence. He lures pedophiles on excursions and ends their obsessions.

    Main Characters:
    Durham: As a child Durham hated camping and the woods. The weekends in the cabin were nightmares of torture and abuse.

    Penny Brooke: Social Worker for the Texas Child and Adult Protective Services. Like Durham she is an advocate for the safety of children.

    Joshua Brooke: Police Detective for Shiningbal, TX. Joshua was born, abused, and returned to Shiningbal to clear the city of pedophiles. Joshua is no stranger to the fishing trips.

    Thank you, readers for returning. And speaking of returning we have a returning visitor in the chair. Although I’m pretty sure of his identity (because I wrote him in )he no longer looks nor sounds like the person he was before. Let’s get started. As we know the characters from The Fishing Trip are always making quick exits.

    Watching the author from the corner of his eyes this visitor walks in and leans against the door frame.

    The Author: would you like to take a seat?

    Visitor: Naw, I’m fine right here.

    The Author: Well I’ll just come over there. What would you like me to call you?
    Visitor: Don’t call me anything. You’ll probably change my name tomorrow anyway, I just came here to make a few comments, not to be questioned. I have to tell you I don’t like the situation you put me in during chapters 11 and 12. I hate deceiving people I know. Especially the ones I admire and consider being my family. Where the hell are you going with this storyline? You're going to have people thinking I'm a manic vigilante.

    The Author: I’m sorry if this is all bothering you but it’s a means to the end. Everyone seems to be getting tired and a little antsy. The story is about to explode with excitement.

    Visitor: We just had an explosion. Find another way to end. Those pedophile creeps are beginning to think they can do anything they want and you sit there writing me into a sticky situation with a house full of good people. each one searching for a piece of the real me in my tone of voice, words or mannerisms.You’re confusing them.

    The Author: Bullshit. It’ll be alright. Go on about your business while I set up the next chapter.

    Visitor: Well it better be good. He turns to walk out the door, but spins back around so quickly he ends up nose to nose with the author. Oh take note of this suggestion, if you stay off that twitter mess and texting on the phone you would probably finish the book sooner.

    The Author: Thanks I’ll take note of that.
    She yelled down the hallway. 
    There you have it folks, another interview from In the Chair.

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