5 stories of life, love, and the support of a father. #fathersday #teenpregnancy#IVF #realifehappens #romance #suspense #thrier

    Author: Ey Wade Genre:

      5 stories of life, love, and the support of a father.

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    I am so excited. Today we are having an interview cum Father's Day celebration dinner. Our main guests will be:
    •  Giante' from the novel D.N.A.,
    •  Austin, father of little Brhin-Kristoffer Teddi from The Perfect Solution 
    • and all of the ladies from The Women on the Hill. 
    • Tyson Ribbons from Ribbons & Bell and Joshua( The Fishing Trip), and Ismet(Ismet's Honor) are also here, but aren't sure they want to speak. 
    Of course we have invited others from the great imagination of our author Ey Wade, they will be hosting the dinner to honor the mothers, the men will serve.
    Let's join the dinner already in progress.

        Austin Sanchez (Perfect Solution) entered the dining room juggling three baskets of fresh home made rolls, placing one on each of the long tables.
        "I hope everyone is hungry, Bernard (Tripping Prince Charming) is pushing the cart and coming behind me."
        The good natured cheering and hurrahing helped usher in the foods and party atmosphere. 
       "So, gentlemen..." Catrine(The Perfect Solution) tapped her water class with the prongs of her fork. "Ey has given me one question for all of you to answer. Who's brave enough to jump in and start this off?"
        "You know me, I don't have a bit of fear, so I'll start." Penny (The Fishing Trip) placed her fork on the edge of her plate, rested elbows on table and rested her chin between the knuckles of her right hand. "What's the question? "

    Are you brave enough to step between the bonds of a father and his child?

    "When Mama Don't Play & Dad Don't Either" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


    D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same- http://dna-bloodtiesandlies.blogspot.com Debney Nichole Armstrong thought she knew everything about her family. She knew her dad worked hard at everything, except building a relationship with his family. She knew her younger brothers were typical little kids, and she knew her mother, for some unknown reason, disliked her first born and only daughter. What she really needed to know was did her mother contribute to the ‘accident’? Who is the man repeatedly mentioned in her mother’s journals? Where were the bodies of her ten year old twin brothers, and who is the father of the child she now carries? No matter what the answers are, Debney knows, nothing will ever be the same.
    D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same  bit.ly/Wade-inbooks

    **Watching her reaction closely, Gianté followed the path of her gaze.

    "Is this why you’re trying to avoid me?" He held up a book titled So, You’re a Teen and Pregnant. I guess there’s no need to ask what your problem is. I thought you promised you wouldn’t hide from me or blame me for anything."

    "I’m not hiding or blaming you for anything. I just thought I would give you the opportunity to save face and stay away from me
    "D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


    The Perfect Solution  A child is given to a stalker.THE PERFECT SOLUTION #suspense Everyone loves three year old Brhin Teddi. His single mother, Catrine, loves him. His aunt and uncle and cousins love him.
    The teachers at his daycare center, The Perfect Solution, love him. And someone in the shadows, watching, following and planning, loves him so much she’s ready to destroy countless lives to have him. A terrifying look into the world of childcare, its weaknesses and the terrible cost of those weaknesses.THE PERFECT SOLUTION
     What if the decisions you've made for your life, endangers the life of your child?

    The Perfect Solution bit.ly/Wade-inbooks 
    " You brought me here, tell me about a child I have never seen and then you tell me that he is missing!  Am I going to be considered a suspect? Wait a minute; I am a suspect, right? " Austin stood in agitation and paced the room. “Do you think that I took him?"

     "The Perfect Solution-A Suspense in Choices" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

    : Ribbons & Belle 

    Ribbons & Belle #FathersDay bit.ly/Wade-inbooks #IVF #rainbowbabies  #romance
    The thought of being a father was nothing when compared to the thought of being a father of a child that might not survive into birth. He may have fooled Belle into believing he had faith in a positive outcome, but the truth was, doubts pounded him.

    ."Ribbons & Belle" by Ey Wade on Ganxy


    Ismet's Honor #FathersDay bit.ly/Wade-inbooks
    **The hurt was a physical tearing in his chest that radiated in his back. It wasn’t possible Sunny felt anywhere near as helpless and devastated as he was feeling. She had the upper hand. It was her body, her child- until it was dead. 
    The finality, took the last bit of strength from his body and he fell across the hood of the car, crying loudly in despair. The deep sobs tearing his heart apart.
    Sam a jealous provider and protector who simultaneously gives and takes away in this tale of five female friends sharing in the trials and humiliations of having a relationship with the same person.

    "Ismet's Honor" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

    The Fishing Trip-A Trial by Water, Execution, and a Deliverance of Retribution

     When do you cross the line from being the 'hero' to be coming the
    monster? Set in Shiningbal, Texas where the perverted go to disappear; sexual abuse of children is the norm and when the legal system only increases the violation, this isn't the time for redemption to play nice.
    Married and mom of one, Penny Brooks aids the town's avenger to save those in need. The Fishing Trip
     What really goes through the mind after a night on The Fishing Trip ? Can it ever be 'life as usual', again?

    Joshua Brooke: Police Detective for Shiningbal, TX. Joshua was born, abused, and returned to Shiningbal to clear the city of pedophiles. Joshua is no stranger to the fishing trips. 

    The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution: "The Fishing Trip- A Trial by Water, Execution and a Deliverance of Retribution" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

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