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    Welcome back everyone to In the Chair. If you're a writer and anything like me, you have a bit of fear of marketing and promotion. Well, today you're in for a treat. LaShaunda Hoffman is here to share her knowledge and get us on the road to success.

    If you have already been following the tour, you have your note supplies at hand and you're ready to jump right in. Okay, take your seats, here's LaShaunda now...
    Thanks for following the Don’t ROCK Fear Blog Tour.
    Welcome to day six of the tour. I would like to thank Ey for letting me share with you today.

    Today’s Promotion Fear - Not Being Able To Keep Up With Promotion
    Yesterday on the tour I talked about finding a balance when it comes to your promotion.  I will be the first to admit with my first book, I overwhelmed myself with my promotion.  It was my first time promoting my own book and I wanted to be everywhere and I didn’t think about balance.  
    I can tell you from experience I do not recommend it. When you overwhelm yourself you end up not promoting at all because you are burned out.  That was me at the end of 2015 worn out.
    These are the lessons I learned and will share with you.

    1. Schedule your promotion.  When you schedule your promotion you have time to do other things like write, spend time with your family or have fun.
    2. Promotion doesn’t take a lot of time – I recommend 15 minutes for promotion engagement.  You’ve already scheduled your promotion, so pop on the platforms for 15 minutes and answer questions or make comments.
    3. Work on 1-3 projects each month. – Don’t try to do a million things each month. You won’t have time and you will burn yourself out.
    4. Have fun – If you are promoting and it’s not fun.  You won’t do it.  Pick the things that you like and do that.
    5. Don’t continue doing the same thing and getting the same results – check your numbers.  If your sales are adding up like you want.  It might be time to change up your promotion.
    6. Don’t promote somewhere just because everyone else is – If your audience isn’t on the platform everyone is on, don’t waste your time.  You want to be where your audience is.
    Now you don’t have to ROCK this fear anymore.  If you follow these suggestions and create a promotion/writing balance you will keep up with your promotion.

    I would like to invite you to register for the Don’t ROCK Fear – Promotion Mindset 7 Day challenge and kick fear in the butt.
    This challenge is for writers, business owners and anyone who is dealing with fear.  Don’t let fear ROCK You.

    You are also welcome to join the See Ya On The Promotion Training Group, where we teach you how to be a social butterfly.

    Are you dealing with promotion fears?  Leave one of your fears in the comments for a chance to win registration to the Don’t ROCK Fear – Promotion Mindset 7 Day challenge.
    LaShaunda C. Hoffman took her love for books and turned it into an award winning online magazine, Shades of Romance Magazine.  Her mission in life is to introduce as many books as she can to readers. She’s happily married mother of three who believes in dreams and working hard to achieve them.  She has a promotion strategy program – Virtual Tea With LaShaunda where writers and business owners learn how to create promotion strategies for their online promotions.
    In 2015 she published her first book, Building Online Relationships – One Reader At A Time. A book to help writers stay consistent with their promotion by building relationships with their readers.
    Catch her online: SORMAG -, See Ya On The Net, her personal site - , Facebook or Twitter – sormag, Instagram – lashaundahoffman

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